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Last 100 progeny runs

DateTrackPosRace InformationHorse OddsTrainerAgeWeightOR
21.12.2014 LingfieldREF of 7 4yo+ 3m Cl4 Hcp Nvc Chs Whats For Tea100/1 Butler, P 910-073
18.12.2014 Exeter11th of 16 3yo+ 2m5f Cl5 Hcp Hdl Canarbino Girl50/1 Keevil, Mrs Caroline 710-1293
18.12.2014 Towcester4th of 7 4-6yo 2m Cl6 NHF Showbiz Floozy50/1 ONeill, J G 510-120
15.12.2014 Ffos Las8th of 9 3-5yo 2m Cl6 NHF Run Bob Run12/1 Flint, J L 310-70
15.12.2014 Ffos LasPU of 8 4yo+ 3m1f Cl3 Hcp Chs Bendant16/1 Hamer, Mrs D A 911-2120
15.12.2014 Ffos LasF of 11 4yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Hcp Nvc Chs Clara Peggotty20/1 Gretton, T R 711-091
11.12.2014 Warwick9th of 10 4-6yo 2m Cl6 NHF Raising Cain100/1 Frost, Kevin 410-70
9.12.2014 Uttoxeter7th of 8 4-6yo 2m Cl6 NHF Cool Fusion66/1 Day, Anthony 510-00
6.12.2014 ChepstowPU of 16 4yo+ 2m4f Cl4 Nvc Hdl The Banshee200/1 Grassick, L P 810-50
3.12.2014 Ludlow5th of 9 3yo+ 2m5f Cl4 Hcp Nvc Hdl Mac Bertie3/1 Williams, Evan 511-9105
3.12.2014 Catterick8th of 14 3yo+ 2m3f Cl4 Hcp Hdl Grand March6/1 Bailey, K C 511-8105
1.12.2014 Plumpton3rd of 4 4yo+ 2m1f Cl3 Nvc Chs Whats For Tea100/1 Butler, P 910-659
28.11.2014 Wolverhampton6th of 6 3yo+ 7f Cl2 Maggie Pink12/1 Appleby, M 59-190
27.11.2014 Taunton3rd of 9 3yo+ 2m3f Cl5 Hcp Hdl Canarbino Girl33/1 Keevil, Mrs Caroline 711-095
27.11.2014 NewburyF of 8 4yo+ 2m6f Cl3 Hcp Nvc Chs Gentleman Jon10/1 Tizzard, C L 611-2127
26.11.2014 Fontwell4th of 4 4yo+ 2m4f Cl5 Hcp Chs Whats For Tea40/1 Butler, P 910-071
26.11.2014 FontwellPU of 9 4yo+ 2m4f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Bridgetown66/1 Gordon, C 610-120
24.11.2014 Ludlow6th of 16 4yo+ 2m Cl4 Mdn Hdl Baths Well (IRE)50/1 Pauling, Ben 411-00
22.11.2014 Huntingdon7th of 8 4-6yo 1m6f Cl6 Mdn NHF Showbiz Floozy50/1 ONeill, J G 510-110
22.11.2014 Huntingdon1st of 4 4yo+ 2m4f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Rhythm Star4/5 Snowden, Jamie 410-70
21.11.2014 Ffos LasPU of 8 4yo+ 3m Cl4 Nvc Hdl Mammies Treasure66/1 Rees, D A 410-50
20.11.2014 Thurles10th of 18 4yo+ 2m6f Hcp Hdl Pairc Na Leasa (IRE)14/1 Finn, David Edward 810-1083
20.11.2014 ChepstowUR of 8 4yo+ 3m Cl4 Hcp Chs Bendant20/1 Hamer, Mrs D A 911-12120
15.11.2014 UttoxeterF of 6 3yo+ 2m4f Cl4 Hcp Hdl Clara Peggotty12/1 Gretton, T R 710-591
15.11.2014 CheltenhamPU of 19 3yo+ 2mf Cl3 Hcp Nvc Hdl Grand March12/1 Bailey, K C 510-7106
14.11.2014 CheltenhamPU of 11 4yo+ 3m1f Cl3 Hcp Chs Butney Rock66/1 McBratney, C A 711-6131
14.11.2014 Newcastle3rd of 14 4yo+ 2m4f Cl5 Mdn Hdl Donnas Pride50/1 Reveley, K G 510-120
13.11.2014 Taunton4th of 14 4-6yo 2m1f Cl5 Mdn NHF Berwick Bassett11/2 Greatrex, W J 511-20
9.11.2014 Ffos Las1st of 6 4yo+ 2m3f Cl4 Hcp Nvc Chs Lydstep Point25/1 Rees, D A 711-8115
8.11.2014 Doncaster8th of 21 3yo+ 7f Cl3 Hcp Maggie Pink10/1 Appleby, M 59-592
7.11.2014 Musselburgh1st of 7 4-6yo 2m Cl6 NHF Gingili7/2 McCain Jnr, D 411-20
6.11.2014 Towcester12th of 13 3yo 1m5f Cl6 NHF Madame Evelyn20/1 Smith, Miss Suzy 311-00
5.11.2014 Chepstow6th of 9 4-6yo 2mf Cl6 NHF Mammies Treasure66/1 Rees, D A 410-70
1.11.2014 Ascot9th of 12 4-6yo 2m Cl4 NHF Baths Well (IRE)25/1 Pauling, Ben 411-00
1.11.2014 Newmarket (Rowley)1st of 11 3yo+ 7f Cl4 Hcp Maggie Pink6/1 Appleby, M 58-1382
31.10.2014 Uttoxeter13th of 14 4-6yo 2m Cl6 NHF Allycat9/1 Curtis, Miss Rebecca 411-00
31.10.2014 Uttoxeter2nd of 7 4yo+ 2m Cl4 Bgr Chs Gentleman Jon12/1 Tizzard, C L 611-2127
31.10.2014 Uttoxeter1st of 10 3yo+ 2m Cl5 Hcp Hdl Grand March13/2 Bailey, K C 511-1298
31.10.2014 Uttoxeter7th of 15 3yo+ 2m Cl5 Mdn Hdl Rhythm Star6/1 Snowden, Jamie 411-50
27.10.2014 AyrPU of 12 4yo+ 3mf Cl5 Hcp Hdl Noir Girl11/1 Kirby, P A 510-1189
27.10.2014 GalwayPU of 11 5yo+ 2m Mdn Hdl Dream Beat50/1 Kingston, G A 611-70
23.10.2014 Southwell8th of 9 4-6yo 2m Cl6 Mdn NHF Barton Blount80/1 Mackie, J 511-40
19.10.2014 Naas4th of 7 4yo+ 2m3f Hcp Hdl Jarob11/2 Lynch, Andrew 711-6121
18.10.2014 Cheltenham3rd of 3 4yo+ 2m4f Cl2 Nvc Chs Gentleman Jon6/1 Tizzard, C L 611-30
16.10.2014 UttoxeterPU of 11 3yo+ 2m4f Cl5 Hcp Hdl There You Are7/2 ONeill, Jonjo 511-793
15.10.2014 Kempton3rd of 14 3yo+ 7f Cl4 Hcp Maggie Pink10/1 Appleby, M 59-182
11.10.2014 FairyhousePU of 9 4yo+ 2m5f Bgr Chs Dream Beat50/1 Kingston, G A 611-70
8.10.2014 Towcester7th of 9 3yo+ 2m Cl5 Hcp Hdl Whats For Tea66/1 Butler, P 910-071
30.09.2014 ChepstowF of 14 4yo+ 3m Cl4 Hcp Hdl Mac Bertie14/1 Williams, Evan 511-0105
27.09.2014 NavanF of 8 4yo+ 2m4f Bgr Chs Jarob11/4 Lynch, Andrew 711-120
26.09.2014 Downpatrick5th of 6 4-7yo 2m2f NHF Dream Beat12/1 Kingston, G A 611-20
25.09.2014 Kempton5th of 10 3yo+ 1m Cl4 Hcp Maggie Pink16/1 Appleby, M 59-582
21.09.2014 Plumpton5th of 8 4yo+ 2m Cl5 Hcp Hdl Whats For Tea33/1 Butler, P 99-1169
10.09.2014 Galway5th of 6 5yo+ 2m6f Chs Butney Rock6/1 McBratney, C A 711-12131
8.09.2014 PerthPU of 6 4yo+ 3mf Cl5 Hcp Nvc Hdl Noir Girl11/4 Kirby, P A 510-1390
7.09.2014 Fontwell6th of 7 4yo+ 2m2f Cl5 Hcp Chs Whats For Tea50/1 Butler, P 910-073
6.09.2014 Navan1st of 12 4yo+ 2m6f Hcp Hdl Jarob12/1 Lynch, Andrew 711-5111
29.08.2014 BangorPU of 6 4yo+ 2m1f Cl5 Mdn Hdl Welsh Walls150/1 Rigby, Mrs P A 810-110
28.08.2014 Bellewstown13th of 14 4yo+ 3m Hcp Hdl For A Finish20/1 Doyle, Eoin 1111-12112
28.08.2014 Lingfield6th of 7 4yo+ 1m7f Cl5 Hcp Soundbyte12/1 Gallagher, J 97-1156
28.08.2014 Fontwell3rd of 5 4yo+ 2m2f Cl5 Hcp Hdl Whats For Tea20/1 Butler, P 99-770
28.08.2014 Stratford7th of 7 4-6yo 2mf Cl6 NHF Spin The Beat8/1 Vaughan, Tim 411-10
25.08.2014 Huntingdon1st of 7 4yo+ 2m5f Cl5 Hcp Nvc Hdl Noir Girl10/1 Kirby, P A 510-1087
21.08.2014 Ffos Las5th of 7 4yo+ 3m Cl5 Hcp Chs Dungeness10/1 Williams, Miss Venetia 611-1095
21.08.2014 Ffos Las3rd of 10 4yo+ 2m6f Cl5 Mdn Hdl Mac Bertie20/1 Williams, Evan 511-00
15.08.2014 Nottingham1st of 7 4yo+ 1m6f Cl6 Hcp Soundbyte8/1 Gallagher, J 99-1151
14.08.2014 TramoreREF of 9 5yo+ 2m7f Hcp Chs For A Finish15/2 Doyle, Eoin 1111-0116
1.08.2014 Galway10th of 20 4yo+ 2m6f Hcp Chs For A Finish25/1 Doyle, Eoin 1110-2118
31.07.2014 Galway8th of 13 5yo+ 2m6f Bgr Chs Jarob11/2 Lynch, Andrew 711-120
30.07.2014 GoodwoodPU of 12 3yo+ 2m5f Cl2 Hcp Lieutenant Miller15/2 Henderson, N J 89-1092
29.07.2014 WorcesterPU of 8 4yo+ 2m4f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Storme Ahead33/1 Evans, P D 510-90
29.07.2014 Galway3rd of 12 5yo+ 2m6f Chs Butney Rock33/1 McBratney, C A 710-8113
23.07.2014 Naas13th of 13 3yo+ 1m Hcp Beat The Bell20/1 McCutcheon, Miss Evanna 99-255
23.07.2014 Worcester5th of 7 4yo+ 2m7f Cl4 Hcp Chs Whispering Jack22/1 Burke, Kieran 911-798
19.07.2014 Cartmel4th of 6 4yo+ 2m1f Cl4 Hcp Hdl Noir Girl7/1 Kirby, P A 510-289
16.07.2014 WorcesterPU of 11 4yo+ 2m Cl5 Mdn Hdl In A Heartbeat66/1 Keighley, M 510-50
16.07.2014 Worcester3rd of 5 4-6yo 2m Cl6 NHF Storme Ahead16/1 Evans, P D 510-130
11.07.2014 CorkPU of 14 4yo+ 3m Mdn Hdl Some Excuse66/1 Mangan, James Joseph 611-120
10.07.2014 Doncaster10th of 10 4yo+ 2mf Cl5 Hcp Blazing Desert16/1 Kinsey, W R 1010-160
9.07.2014 Worcester7th of 9 4-6yo 2m Cl6 NHF Bertie Lugg11/2 Price, A E 611-00
9.07.2014 Lingfield3rd of 11 4yo+ 1m7f Cl6 Hcp Soundbyte7/1 Gallagher, J 99-052
8.07.2014 Roscommon8th of 11 4-7yo 2m NHF Dream Beat20/1 Kingston, G A 611-20
6.07.2014 Bellewstown1st of 15 5yo+ 3m Mdn Hdl Jarob12/1 Lynch, Andrew 711-4111
6.07.2014 Limerick14th of 15 6yo+ 2m Mdn Hdl Beat The Bell66/1 McCutcheon, Miss Evanna 911-90
4.07.2014 WexfordPU of 15 5yo+ 2m4f Mdn Hdl Some Excuse25/1 Mangan, James Joseph 611-40
1.07.2014 Stratford8th of 14 4yo+ 2mf Cl5 Mdn Hdl In A Heartbeat66/1 Keighley, M 510-00
29.06.2014 Uttoxeter6th of 12 4yo+ 2m Cl4 Nvc Hdl Noir Girl10/1 Kirby, P A 510-00
25.06.2014 Kempton2nd of 9 4yo+ 2m Cl6 Hcp Soundbyte5/1 Gallagher, J 98-350
22.06.2014 Hexham3rd of 9 4yo+ 2mf Cl4 Nvc Hdl Noir Girl8/1 Kirby, P A 510-00
21.06.2014 Gowran Park4th of 14 4yo+ 3m Hcp Hdl For A Finish14/1 Doyle, Eoin 1110-6112
21.06.2014 Gowran Park11th of 11 6yo+ 2m Mdn Hdl Beat The Bell50/1 McCutcheon, Miss Evanna 911-90
20.06.2014 Down Royal2nd of 7 5yo+ 2m4f Bgr Chs Jarob10/1 Lynch, Andrew 711-120
20.06.2014 Down Royal1st of 7 5yo+ 2m4f Bgr Chs Butney Rock11/10 McBratney, C A 711-7113
19.06.2014 Ffos LasF of 9 4yo+ 2m6f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Mac Bertie50/1 Williams, Evan 510-120
18.06.2014 UttoxeterPU of 5 5yo+ 3m2f Cl4 Hcp Chs That Beats Banaher10/1 Hammond, Mike 1011-0108
18.06.2014 Uttoxeter10th of 15 4yo+ 2m4f Cl5 Hcp Hdl C J Mackintosh16/1 Williams, Ian 811-390
17.06.2014 Ascot7th of 19 4yo+ 2m4f Cl2 Hcp Lieutenant Miller8/1 Henderson, N J 89-893
17.06.2014 Stratford9th of 11 4yo+ 2m3f Cl4 Nvc Hdl In A Heartbeat18/1 Keighley, M 510-50
17.06.2014 Stratford8th of 11 4yo+ 2m3f Cl4 Nvc Hdl Instagramher25/1 Brooks, C P E 410-80
16.06.2014 Newton AbbotPU of 16 5yo+ 3m2f Cl5 Hcp Chs Dungeness25/1 Williams, Miss Venetia 611-1297

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