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A-Z of Horses Running

An alphabetical list of horses, stallions, jockeys, trainers and owners entered to run in horse races in the UK and Ireland on 18th January 2018. Click download to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the report as you wish, by clicking the table headings


Time Track Horse Stallion Trainer Jockey Odds Owner
Wincanton 7/1 Alvin Trowbridge & Christine Hinks
Ludlow 5/2 Mrs P M Sly
Southwell 16/1 Alex and Janet Card
Southwell 4/1 Nick Bradley Racing 8
Southwell 14/1 Mrs B A Matthews
Chelmsford City 20/1 Stephanie Oliver & Mr Ron Spore
Ludlow 16/1 Girls Are Loud
Southwell 16/1 Mr J R Theaker
Southwell 16/1 Lord Carnarvon
Chelmsford City 33/1 Mr Imhotep Booth
Southwell 9/4 Mr Mark Bates & Mrs E Burke
Southwell 7/1 Miss Clare Louise Ellam
Ludlow 5/1 Mrs Jane Williams
Southwell 2/1 Mr K Sohi
Wincanton 25/1 Kate Ive
Wincanton 5/1 The Beau Phil Partnership
Wincanton 13/8 Mr John P McManus
Southwell 12/1 Winning Connections Racing
Southwell 5/1 Mr J C Fretwell
Southwell 6/1 Worcester Young Farmers
Wincanton 25/1 Smerdon Tree Services Ltd
Chelmsford City 8/1 Roalco Limited
Wincanton 16/1 The Highly Recommended Partnership 3
Wincanton 12/1 Tim Syder
Ludlow 33/1 Lady Susan Brooke
Southwell 20/1 The Reign It In Partnership
Southwell 10/1 Whitehills Racing Syndicate
Southwell 16/1 Dr J S Kinnear
Ludlow 33/1 Mr N G Mills
Southwell 7/1 Mr D A Shekells
Wincanton 7/1 Mr Mark Adams
Ludlow 5/1 Mr Trevor Hemmings
Southwell 20/1 Cheshire Racing
Ludlow 100/1 Mr N G H Ayliffe
Ludlow 4/1 Mr John P McManus
Southwell 14/1 Mr Colin Dorman & Mr Thomas Dorman
Chelmsford City 7/1 Equity Racing & Sohi
Southwell 5/1 Yvonne Lowe & W A Robinson
Wincanton 10/1 Mrs C Watson & Mrs S Graham
Wincanton 9/4 Highclere Thoroughbred Racing-contente
Southwell 8/1 Mr Khalifa Dasmal
Chelmsford City 9/4 Mr Khalifa Dasmal
Southwell 12/1 Mr Antony Brittain
Ludlow 15/8 Aiden Murphy & Alan Peterson
Wincanton 8/1 The Unnamed Favourites
Ludlow 6/1 Ludlow Racing Partnership
Wincanton 9/2 Dd Racing & Professor L P Hardwick
Ludlow 12/1 Sullivan Bloodstock Limited
Chelmsford City 33/1 Mr M Kurt
Wincanton 12/1 Ian Payne & Kim Franklin
Wincanton 66/1 Mr Peter Hart
Southwell 6/1 Mrs H Lloyd-herrington
Chelmsford City 25/1 Mr J A Osborne
Ludlow 10/1 Mrs K Hawke & Mr W Simms
Southwell 11/4 Mr K Nicholls
Ludlow 66/1 Mr Oscar Singh & Miss Priya Purewal
Ludlow 50/1 Wildcat Syndicate
Chelmsford City 7/1 Rogerson, Lemon, Cooper & Arlotte
Wincanton 66/1 West Country Partners
Ludlow 66/1 Mr R Kernohan
Southwell 12/1 Mr S R Bowring
Southwell 6/1 Mr David W Armstrong
Chelmsford City 16/1 William Angel&The Fat Jockey Partnersh
Southwell 12/1 Mr R C Bond
Ludlow 20/1 Mrs Belinda Clarke
Chelmsford City 14/1 The &quo;in Recovery&quo; Partnership
Southwell 20/1 Abacus Bloodstock Racing Club
Chelmsford City 12/1 Mr A P Griffin
Chelmsford City 7/1 Melbourne 10 Racing
Chelmsford City 10/1 Essex Racing Club 2
Southwell 12/1 Mr Tony Coyle
Southwell 50/1 Adam Rush Racing
Wincanton 20/1 Mrs Deborah Potter
Southwell 16/1 Bgc Racing Vi & Carl Hodgson
Southwell 10/1 Homecroft Wealth Racing & Partner
Ludlow 15/8 Mr John J Reilly
Ludlow 50/1 Mr G C Maundrell
Chelmsford City 4/1 Mr And Mrs Mark Tracey
Southwell 33/1 Mr A F Horsington
Southwell 6/1 Four Winds Racing & Serafino Agodino
Southwell 10/1 B Bruce & R Thompson
Ludlow 13/2 Mrs Jane Williams
Chelmsford City 6/1 Mr E A L Dunlop
Ludlow 20/1 Baker, Dodd, Cooke & Heler
Southwell 14/1 Mr J R Theaker
Chelmsford City 7/4 Market Avenue Racing Club & Mrs E Burk
Chelmsford City 8/1 Kir (hk) Ltd & Dr Johnny Hon
Ludlow 66/1 Nick Youngman Nicola Cooper
Southwell 8/1 Go On Gal Partnership
Ludlow 4/1 Mr Terry Warner
Wincanton 11/8 Martin Broughton Racing Partners
Chelmsford City 4/1 Sir A Ferguson, P Done, G Mason
Southwell 5/1 Mr W D & Mrs D A Glover
Ludlow 9/4 Mr Will Roseff
Chelmsford City 16/1 Melbourne 10 Racing
Wincanton 7/1 A J Pearson, Mark Jenner, Ed Hawkings
Southwell 50/1 Mr J Douglas
Chelmsford City 7/2 Mr J C Fretwell
Ludlow 20/1 Mrs Heather Oliver
Chelmsford City 6/1 The Horse Watchers
Southwell 4/1 Mrs C C Regalado-Gonzalez
Wincanton 7/2 Inaminna Partnership
Southwell 6/5 Percy Green Racing 3
Ludlow 20/1 Paul & Clare Rooney
Southwell 25/1 Mr Paul J Dixon
Ludlow 16/1 Mr Nick Elliott
Ludlow 11/2 Mr A Taylor
Southwell 6/1 Mrs K Hall & Mrs P Bastiman
Wincanton 7/4 Mr Trevor Hemmings
Southwell 10/1 Mr Dave Harris
Chelmsford City 20/1 Miss Caroline Scott
Southwell 6/1 Mrs Christine Barron
Chelmsford City 6/1 Hope Eden & Mrs E Burke
Ludlow 33/1 Brick Kiln Farming,coulson,gent,poore
Chelmsford City 8/1 Collier Holmes Racing
Southwell 7/1 Mr J A Swinbank Racing
Ludlow 5/1 Mr John Sillett
Wincanton 12/1 Legend Lady Partnership
Southwell 6/1 Mr W A Robinson
Southwell 7/1 Mike Nolan & John Abbey
Ludlow 12/1 Pump & Plant Services Ltd
Ludlow 12/1 Mr D A Malam
Wincanton 16/1 The Colin Tizzard Racing Club
Southwell 16/1 Steve Clarke & Partner
Ludlow 12/1 The Friday Lunch Club
Chelmsford City 25/1 Jollys Boys Racing Club And Kath Savag
Chelmsford City 11/4 The Whiteman Partnership
Ludlow 10/1 Mr Trevor Hemmings
Southwell 5/1 Mr T W Fife
Ludlow 11/4 The Mamit Racing Partnership
Southwell 12/1 The Firebirds
Wincanton 12/1 Grace Harris Racing
Chelmsford City 25/1 Miss Robin Blaze McEntee
Southwell 6/1 Mr M A Geobey
Ludlow 50/1 Mr A J Whitehead
Chelmsford City 10/11 Mr Brian Rogan
Wincanton 10/1 Mrs Sarah Ling
Southwell 8/1 Mr S R Bowring
Ludlow 25/1 Mr R Mitford-Slade
Wincanton 16/1 P Holland,jt Measures,ma Kerr,v Hollan
Ludlow 33/1 Mr A H Bennett
Southwell 7/1 Lets Be Lucky Racing 14
Ludlow 5/2 The Barrow Boys
Ludlow 8/1 Owners For Owners: Melekhov
Ludlow 5/2 David Maxwell Racing Limited
Ludlow 14/1 Mr E P Parkes
Southwell 16/1 Mick Appleby Racing
Wincanton 33/1 Over The Last Racing
Wincanton 50/1 Mr Brian Derrick
Southwell 50/1 Mr John Balding
Ludlow 10/1 Mr John P McManus
Southwell 33/1 Yenilecas Syndicate
Southwell 12/1 Shawthing Racing Partnership
Chelmsford City 12/1 G B Partnership
Ludlow 33/1 The Heartbreakers
Ludlow 13/2 Hp Racing No Hiding Place
Chelmsford City 8/1 Millingbrook Racing
Ludlow 6/1 Mr W R Milner
Wincanton 100/1 S Mullins Racing Club
Southwell 9/2 Mr W Clifford
Ludlow 20/1 Mr N Hartley
Chelmsford City 16/1 Mr David Fremel
Southwell 8/1 Mr J Toes & Mr J Oloan
Southwell 33/1 A Game Pair
Ludlow 9/4 Pitchall Stud Partnership
Ludlow 25/1 Mr Nigel Morris
Southwell 5/1 The Horse Watchers
Ludlow 4/1 The Silo Syndicate
Southwell 16/1 Mr A Slack
Chelmsford City 9/2 Over The Moon Racing
Chelmsford City 11/2 Mr Mark Goldstein & Mrs Wendy Jenkins
Chelmsford City 12/1 Roberts Rogues
Chelmsford City 15/8 Dream Racing Club
Southwell 20/1 Mr Liam M Hall
Southwell 25/1 Mr J Morris
Ludlow 10/1 Kerry & Richard Pool
Ludlow 25/1 Mr P And Mrs G A Clarke
Wincanton 4/1 Burnham P & D Ltd
Wincanton 10/1 Mr Fergus Wilson
Ludlow 7/1 Countrywide Vehicle Rentals Taxi Hire
Ludlow 7/1 Mr Nick J Jones
Ludlow 3/1 Mr Paul Thorman
Southwell 16/1 Paul J Dixon And The Chrystal Maze Ptn
Chelmsford City 10/1 Mr Graham Kerr
Chelmsford City 11/8 Mr Abdulla Al Khalifa
Ludlow 25/1 Mrs Tracy Turner
Wincanton 50/1 Inspire Racing Club Ltd
Southwell 10/1 Mr D J Ffrench Davis
Southwell 50/1 R & E Hall & Son
Ludlow 7/1 Calvados Racing
Wincanton 5/1 Sir John Timpson
Southwell 10/1 Sahara Bloodstock
Southwell 6/1 Notts Racing, S Mohammed & S Rowley
Chelmsford City 10/1 The Whiteman Partnership
Wincanton 13/2 Mrs T Brown
Southwell 33/1 Miss E J Butterworth
Wincanton 6/1 Draper Edmonds Draper
Southwell 16/1 Mrs Sandra Brown
Ludlow 7/2 M Four Properties Partnership
Southwell 7/2 Mick Appleby Racing
Ludlow 4/1 Mr Tim Leadbeater
Ludlow 7/4 The Angove Family
Chelmsford City 5/1 Mr Craig Buckingham
Wincanton 11/10 Mr R M Penny
Ludlow 50/1 Champagne And Shambles
Ludlow 25/1 Mrs K Hawke & Mr W Simms
Southwell 5/2 Dream Racing Club
Southwell 4/1 Mr Antony Brittain
Chelmsford City 5/2 Mr Steve Jakes
Wincanton 12/1 Mrs Sue Lanz
Ludlow 20/1 Mrs Sarah Leslie
Chelmsford City 14/1 Mr J C Buckland & Mr N J Doyne
Ludlow 10/1 Mr B Dunn
Southwell 10/1 Mr Kevin Old
Wincanton 100/1 Mrs Gill Summers
Southwell 9/2 The Boys From Roscommon Syndicate
Wincanton 66/1 Mr Alan Jones
Southwell 11/4 Mr Paul Wright-bevans
Southwell 12/1 David Joseph OReilly
Southwell 3/1 Amazing Racing
Chelmsford City 6/5 Surrey Racing Limited
Southwell 8/1 The Big Cat Partnership
Wincanton 5/4 Return Ta Senda
Chelmsford City 20/1 Mr Robert Jenkinson
Chelmsford City 2/1 Middleham Park Racing LIV
Wincanton 25/1 Mr D V Gardner
Southwell 25/1 Mrs C A Arnold
Wincanton 14/1 Dt Hoyland Js Hoyland Jp Romans
Southwell 8/1 Mr K G Kitchen
Wincanton 16/1 Cau Partnership
Ludlow 16/1 Emdells Limited
Wincanton 4/6 Smith, Ratcliffe & Bowring
Ludlow 6/1 Mr N Mustoe
Wincanton 4/1 Mrs Carolyn Kendrick
Ludlow 12/1 The Mercer & Igoe Families
Southwell 7/1 Winning Connections Racing
Ludlow 33/1 Prestbury Racing Club
Southwell 5/2 Eight Gents And A Lady
Wincanton Evens Mr J J King
Ludlow 66/1 Mr H J Oliver
Wincanton 20/1 Four Seasons Partnership
Ludlow 25/1 Mr Neil Lewis & Mrs Gail Lewis
Wincanton 6/1 Mr J Tredwell
Wincanton 20/1 Mrs Jenny Gordon
Ludlow 7/1 Theshouldhavehadabiggerbudgetgroup
Ludlow 6/4 Hills of Ledbury (Aga)
Chelmsford City 10/1 Rabbah Racing
Chelmsford City 5/2 Melbourne 10 Racing
Chelmsford City 16/1 Buy, Clarke, Sparham & Presland
Chelmsford City 9/2 Melbourne 10 Racing
Southwell 66/1 Mr R Sivlal
Ludlow 12/1 Mr & Mrs William Rucker
Wincanton 100/1 Mr B J Masters
Chelmsford City 13/8 Ms E L Banks
Chelmsford City 3/1 Northern Bloodstock Racing
Wincanton 7/1 Mr R S Brookhouse
Southwell 33/1 J S Wainwright & Peter Clarke
Ludlow 14/1 Mrs M J Hughes

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