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Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials have been created to assist members.

Multicuts Help

The purpose of Multicuts is to quickly identify notable characteristics as detailed in the Shortcuts section.

Current Inclusions in Multicuts Feature

Ran at same time last year (within 7 days either side)
Gambled on in Last Race? (5 points+ odds movement)
Horses who have previously won at Group/Graded/Listed level
Horses Runs Since Gelded (max 5)
First run since wind op
Second run since wind op
Third run since wind op
Horses running over shorter distance than LR
Horses running over longer distance than LR
Horses with different headgear v LR
Horses who won at same track as today in last race
Horses running in higher grade for first time
Horses running in lower grade for first time
Horses who have changed Trainer since last run
Horses Running First Time in Headgear Combination
Horses Running Second Time in Headgear Combination
Horses running in NH hurdles whose last race was on Flat/AW
Horses Running First Time in Tongue Tie
Horses Running for Second Time with a Tongue Tie
Horses Who have won in a Higher Class
Horses gelded since last run
Horses running first time on the AW (but have ran on turf
Horses running first time for trainer on the AW (but have ran on AW previously for different trainer
Jockeys making a claim
Jockeys making a claim, Non Claimer LR
Jockeys with only 1 ride today (all tracks combined)
Jockeys who are the only making a claim in the race
Horses running over Shorter Distance and in Lower Grade vs LR
Horses who have won over distance, going and in class
Horses with previous same code run, back to Flat/AW after running in hurdle LR
Horses who placed at the same going and distance in their last race
Horses entered today who were non runners in last week
Horses carrying a penalty
Horses who have won at the festival before
Horses who are the only runner in todays race that won last race
Horses who are the only track winner in todays race
Horses Recompeting Race Won Last Year
Horses in the race who are one of up to max two in the field who placed in last race
Horses who are the only distance winner in todays race
Horses who are the only track/distance winner in todays race
Horses who are the only going winner in todays race
Jockeys/Trainers with same surname
Jockeys Having First Ride At Track
Trainers Having First Runner At Track
Horses Running First Time in a Handicap
Horses Running First Time in Seller/Claimer
Horses Running First Time in a Bumper
Horses Running First Time in a Hurdle
Horses Running First Time in a Chase
Trainers with only 1 runner at track
Trainers with 1 Runner on day
Jockeys with 1 Ride at track
Jockeys with only 1 ride at track / Trainers with only 1 runner at track (COMBINED)
Jockeys with only 1 ride on day / Trainers with only 1 runner on day (COMBINED)
Female Jockeys
Horses Running In Higher Grade Than Last Race
Horses Running In Lower Grade Than Last Race
Horses Running In Higher Grade Than 2nd Last Race
Horses Running In Lower Grade Than 2nd Last Race
Horses Running In Higher Grade Than 3rd Last Race
Horses Running In Lower Grade Than 3rd Last Race
Jockeys down to ride at 2 or more tracks
Jockey Change
Jockey/Trainer combinations with 2 or more rides
Horses who have previously won after a break
Horses Recompeting Race Entered Last Year
Trainers with entry in race they won last year
Horses Ran 5+ times and have never won
Horses Ran 5+ times and have never placed
Horses Ran 10+ times and have never won
Horses Ran 10+ times and have never placed
Horses - Track Winners
Horses - Distance Winners
Horses - Track/Distance Winners
Horses - Beaten Favourite in Last Race
Horses - Beaten Favourite in Last 2 Races
Horses - Track Placed
Horses - Track/Distance Winner in LR
Jockeys who have ridden horse more than once
Jockeys who are riding the horse for the first time
Jockeys who have previously won on the horse
Trainers 14Day% double or better than 2yr%
Horses Running Again Quickly
Horses running after layoff (365 days+)
Horses running after layoff (180 days+)
Furthest Travellers (Miles) (for multicuts showing if in the top 20)
Horses running off 10 or more less OR (same code last 10 runs)
Horses who won their last race
Horses who won their last two races
Horses who won their last three races
Horses who placed in last three races
Horses who have ran at least once and are unbeaten
Trainers with 2 or more runners in a race
Trainers with runners at 2 or more tracks
Trainers/Owners link (potentially!)
First Time in a Handicap in NH Race Type

Odds Tracker Help

The Live Odds Tracker feature is available to members who like to follow horses who are either drifting or steaming in the market. Of course a horse who remains at the same price all day can also be of interest.

  • The odds tracker shows the odds of each horse in the race at various points through the day. You can change the race you are viewing by using the dropdown menu, the page will reload instantly.
  • Click any heading to sort the report.
  • Any non runners in the race are shown at the bottom of the report.
  • Forecast is the price used yesterday and overnight.
  • Early refers to first bookmakers price of the day
  • The times shown are 4 hours, 3 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour and half an hour before the race.
  • Live Show is available once the SP odds market is live (usually 10 minutes before race).
  • The NOW column is coloured red if the odds have lengthened, green if they have shortened or white if the same, this is when comparing the odds as they are now versus the last odds column set (for example if the race is at 7pm and the last odds column set was 5pm and you are viewing the page at 5.10pm then the column will be coloured if the odds have shortened or drifted).
  • Contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or general feedback.

Stat Attack Help

The Stat Attack feature is designed to allow members control over an enormous number of statistics relevant to the days racing. The purpose is to cater to the differing beliefs and ideas of members to quickly identify the data that may be of interest.

  • The Settings Box includes many ways of narrowing and ordering the data. You can for example specifically look for stallion data with minimum strike rate of 15%. The options all work in conjunction with each other and can be combined as you please.
  • If you commonly use the same settings, save them (once applied an option to save will appear) and they will then be made available to call upon instantly.
  • To download the full Stat Attack report just click the red Download button!
  • The presentation shows the Stat Type, Card No, Horse and Race with links to appropriate pages, Number of Runs, Number of Wins or Places (dependent on the stat), the strike rate and odds.
  • When the next days racing is loaded a link will appear taking you to an advance report.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the stats use the following dates. Horse Stats - Lifetime. Jockey and Trainer - 2 years (last 730 days). Stallion - 1 year (last 365 days).
  • Contact me with all requests and suggestions etc, they are really appreciated.

Shortcuts Help

The shortcuts section is a very popular part of HorseRaceBase. It is a very simple yet invaluable area for those wishing to access instant answers to data queries.

  • The shortcuts directory provides a list of available data, click any and you will be presented with matching information.
  • Each shortcut has a differing presentation depending on the information shown, In all cases where a jockey, horse, trainer or stallion is listed, a link is provided to that individuals record.
  • There is a download option available, just click the red Download button and the data will be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • If you prefer to only include UK or Irish racing in your download there is an option to do just this. Just set the dropdown as appropriate before clicking the Download option.
  • I constantly add to and improve this section, please contact me with all requests and suggestions etc.

Big Race Trends Help

The trends section allows you to explore potential angles in terms of well known races such as Group races on the flat, Graded races in National Hunt and valuable handicaps. Here are some helpful pieces of information.

  • When you first visit the trends menu, you will be presented with a search box with several options and all trends will be listed ordered by class.
  • The search menu offers extensive search capabilities, you can either search by entering some text from the race name (example enter National) or alternatively use one of the dropdowns to specify a characteristic of the race. You can also combine the dropdowns and text search in any way you wish. Example if you knew you were looking for a 6 furlong race ran in October you could set these values using the dropdowns.
  • Click any trend name and you will be shown a list of the previous winners of the race. Links to each result and the pages for each winning trainer, jockey and trainer each year are part of the display.
  • If you click the Profiler tab a breakdown of commonly researched characteristics is shown. For example the finishing places of each horse in their run prior to the race.
  • For more advanced research use the Query tab and load the trend into the system builder. The process uses the exact same logic and capabalities as other system research, therefore for assistance use the systems help section.
  • This is a continually expanding area and all feedback is gratefully received.

Statistics Help

A common area to visit will be the statistics section. Here you can access a vast array of statistics, which grows in line with member requests and feedback. Although the statistics should be easy to understand, here are some helpful pieces of information.

  • Choose to view any of the simple stats by clicking the statistic name.
  • Sort any of the simple stats by clicking the table headings.
  • The number of days used for the statistics is displayed in the header.
  • To alter the form used (example National Hunt, Flat etc) click the appropriate form type in the options box - the page will automatically reload.
  • The statistics supplied with links into the system builder have been designed to show members the simple building process you can use in the builder to replicate these queries. Doing so offers a far greater control over the presentation, data included and further options/analysing.
  • If you would like to see a new statistic added or have any feedback at all please do contact me.

Using daily race cards and tools

Daily Cards & Tools Video Overview. One of the most commonly visited areas of the site is the daily race cards and tools. They are designed to be as easy to use as possible and should hopefully be self explanatory, however below are some helpful hints and general pieces of information.

  • To sort the information by a certain column of data, click the heading.
  • Hover over a piece of data for confirmation of what it refers to and in some cases additional information.
  • The HRB Total displayed on the main race card is that calculated using the HorseRaceBase chosen set. Go to My Settings to set up the tabs you wish to have in view.
  • Course and Distance form on the main race card shows if the horse has won over the course 'C', distance 'D' or course & distance 'CD'. Note the difference between 'CD' (course and distance winner) and 'C D' (has won at course and has won at distance but not combined).
  • The options box allows you control over settings being used and data included. Changing these values will automatically reload the page with appropriate amendments. In some cases additional display options are available via dropdowns in the table heading, again simply change the value in the dropdown box to reload the page.
  • The race history tab will only appear for races with previous data recorded as part of the Trends feature.
  • The hide feature lets you remove runners from the display should you wish to not see them. Click Hide/Unhide at the end of the row as you desire to hide and recall the entire row for that horse. There is an option to recall all runners
  • Any of your notes for horses, jockeys, stallions, trainers will be displayed under the relevant runner. You can choose to hide these by clicking the appropriate link in the Options section
  • Additional reports are available including Non Runners, One Day Race Cards and A-Z, these reports should be self explanatory but if you have any trouble or indeed feedback of any kind please do contact me.

My Day Picks

My Day Picks is a feature to help highlight horses you find of interest as you go through the cards. Click the + or - at the end of each row to add/remove. Any selected My Day Picks will be highlighted across all race card tabs, they will also be included in the My Qualifiers page.

How to set up My Notes (For individual Horses, Jockeys, Trainers & Races)

Saving Notes Video Tutorial. There will be many reasons you may wish to record a note against a horse, trainer, jockey or race. Doing so in HorseRaceBase is an easy process. Please follow the step by step guide below.

  1. Navigate to the horse, jockey, trainer or race you wish to record a note against.
  2. Click your mouse in the 'My Notes' text box. A flashing cursor will appear.
  3. Type in the note you wish to save.
  4. Press the Add Note button.
  5. Your recorded note, will appear on relevant race cards each day underneath the appropriate runner.
  6. To edit comments, type over your existing entry within each horse, jockey or trainer record.
  7. To view all your notes or delete some, go to the My Notes page.

My Daily Report Help

As a HorseRaceBase member, you can create a customisable report which will be available to you on a daily basis. The purpose of the My Daily Report feature is to accomodate the massively varying needs of different members. Users should be aware of the following -

  • To set up your report go to My Account area and choose the 'My Daily Report Preferences' option.
  • All daily reports will display the race time, track and horse name.
  • To choose other variables to include in your report tick each item you wish to include and press the Save button.
  • The number of available variables is dependent on your account type.
  • If you wish to exclude UK or Irish races, there is an option at the bottom of the set-up page allowing you to do so.
  • It is vital you are aware forecast data is supplied for Static/Non-Static Categories.
  • Access every day in excel format, simply by clicking the 'Download' button on the My Daily Report page.
  • A report for the next days racing is also available. To obtain click the 'Advance' button.
  • If there is a category you desire that is not listed, please contact me

Daily Jockeys/Trainers Reports Help Section

Daily Reports Video Overview. The daily reports for Jockeys and Trainers include at-a-glance information regarding each Jockey or Trainer who has rides/runners scheduled for horse racing in the UK and Ireland on chosen date. You can arrange the order of the report as you deem appropriate by clicking the relevant heading, the page will immediately reload with your preference applied. You can download the report into excel. Note the 7 Day Form option is not in the download as its workings are not passable.

Below is information pertaining to each of the elements within the report. (reading from Right To Left)

Last 14 Days/2 Years Details

These options relate to the time period specified in the Box above the column. The time period relates to the 14 days or 2 years immediately prior to today. This means if you are viewing racing on 17th October 2011 - the 14 Days stats relate to horse races between 3rd to 16th October 2011. The 2 Year stats would relate to the 730 days immediately prior to the days horse racing.

  • Runs The number of horses the jockey/trainer has ridden/sent out in the specified time period.
  • Wins The number of winners the jockey/trainer has ridden/sent out in the specified time period.
  • Places The number of placed horses the jockey/trainer has ridden/sent out in the specified time period.
  • Win% The winning strike rate of the jockey/trainer for rides/runners in the specified time period.
  • Place% The placed strike rate of the jockey/trainer for rides/runners in the specified time period.
  • P/L The total profit/loss (calculated using official starting price) you would have made backing the jockey/trainer in the specified period.
Further Details
  • Days Since Win The number of days since the jockey/trainer rode/sent out a horse that won. 1 means there was a winner yesterday. A dash means never had a winner.
  • Runs Since Win The number of rides/runners since the jockey/trainer had a win. 1 means their last ride/run was a winner. If they have never had a winner then a dash will be displayed.
  • Runs Today A summary by track and number of where the jockey/trainer is forecast to have horses today. For example Ascot 3 Wolverhampton 4 would signify the trainer/jockey had this number of rides/runners at these tracks respectively. Note if no values appear in the Runs Today column, then the jockey/trainer did originally have scheduled runs/rides but they have since became non-runners.
  • 7 Day Form Figures The Jockey/Trainers performance on each of the last 7 days (reading most recently from left to right - Note the info box at the top displays the 7 dates in this order also). Each days stats are enclosed in brackets and mean the following (Runs-Wins-Places) - therefore a bracket containing (2-1-2) would mean on the evaluated day the jockey/trainer rode/sent out 2 horses of which 1 won and 1 placed (remember a horse that wins is also classed as being placed unless you change this in My Settings).

Official Rating Reports Help Section

The daily reports for official ratings are designed for those who closely study the movement in a horse's official rating over a period of time. For all horses its current official rating is shown alongside the last 10 official ratings within the same sphere of race (Flat, Hurdle or Chase). The final column 'Move' shows the difference between the highest official rating achieved in these 10 races compared to current.

The download report includes additional information concerning the minimum, average, top and winners official ratings in each of the 10 previous races. These columns refer to each of the horses last ten races and show the minimum rating (lowest carried by any horse in that race - column shortened to MIN), average rating (average of all horses who started that race - column shortened to AVG), maximum (highest rating of any horse in that race - column shortened to MAX), winning (the OR of the horse that won that race - column shortned to WIN). For example a value of 63 in column Min5 signifies that on the horse's fifth last race the lowest official rating carried by any horse in the race was 63, a value of 76 in column Win7 signifies that on the horse's seventh last race the winners official rating was 76.

Some of the column headings in the OR report are listed below, if you are unsure of any please contact Chris.
lastwinoffrat - last winning mark
offratlr - last run mark
highor - highest mark
highwinor - highest winning mark

Choosing/Changing Your Password

I stress the importance of a secure password. Below are some tips for a strong password and a sensible approach. To change your password go to the My Account area and choose the Change Password option

  • Passwords should contain a mixture of letters, numbers and non alpha numeric keys
  • You should choose a password with between 8 and 15 characters
  • Do not use the same password for more than one service. Always have a separate password for each.
  • If you will struggle to remember your password, record it as a reminder in a safe place unreachable by others
  • Change your password at least once a month for extra security.

Usage of Cookies on the site

Cookies are used in the background on HorseRaceBase to prevent users being logged out after a short period of inactivity. If you prefer not to use Cookies there is an option within the My Account area to prevent their usage. Similarly, if your account is currently set up to prevent cookie usage, there is an option allowing you to initiate them.

Place Statistics on HorseRaceBase

I was contacted by several members who felt place statistics displayed on the site should reflect only the number of non-winning placed runs. Hence I created an option within the My Account area to allow this to be possible.

The standard set-up will show place statistics to include wins within the figures however if you wish to amend this, you can do so easily by using this option. To give an example, by choosing to exclude wins, if you were examining the form of a horse who had won twenty times out of twenty runs, the place stats would show 0. The standard practice used by HorseRaceBase would show 20 (as a winning run also pays out for a place). The choice of how you prefer to view place statistics is entirely yours with this option.

Please note at present The v4 System Builder and tools such as Stat Attack and Stat Attack Extra that are powered by it will not be affected by this change.

Odds Display on HorseRaceBase

Within the My Account Settings area you can choose how you wish to display odds on the site. As standard for new accounts the site displays odds as numerical including the stake. Other options are numerical excluding the stake and the traditional fractional format (example 10/3). Go to My Account and choose the 'Change Odds Display' option if you wish to amend how they appear.

Daily Speed Tool Assistance

The Speed tab within the Cards & Tools section is an area solely created to meet the requests of members. I stress this because I personally do not use speed figures in my own research, however the area proves popular and therefore I continue to provide it. The Speed Ratings displayed are calculated using an extremely complex set of stages however below is a summary of the process -

  • The completion time of each winner in each race is recorded.
  • A standard time is created for each track/going/distance combination using a weighted formula based on the averages of track/going/distance and all combinations of these factors (track, going, distance, track+going, track+distance etc).
  • The completion time is compared to the standard time and adjusted dependent on sample size (number of comparable races used to create standard time), the number of furlongs the race was competed over and the class of the race.
  • Each runner in the race is awarded a 'rating' based on the adjusted time and the distance it was beaten by in the race.
  • The ratings for the horse are used and weighted to create a rating for the following, ALL, TRACK, GOING, DISTANCE, TRACK/DISTANCE, GOING/DISTANCE.
  • The average and maximum ratings using all the horse's races are gathered for the above tests.
  • A speed rating for today is created using a calculation combining each of the previously mentioned ratings with an algorithm based on importance used to define whether each test is relevant, partially relevant or should be excluded, examples of exclusion would include if the horse had never ran on the going etc.

The Speed area offers much potential and I will continue to develop it in line with member feedback.

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