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Confirmed Changes

7th December 2017

In the main, it has all gone well. A couple of people have had issues with the screen layout, this seems to be very specific to certain browsers and screen size combinations, if you have an issue can you please contact me with exact details (browser, device) and if possible a screen shot of what you are seeing. I will leave access to the old site for a few more days. I am working through all emails received.

To explain a little more about development, the biggest issues I have are -
1) doing anything at all on the live site is hard to time because horse racing does not take a break! Managing all the data is (and always will be) the biggest task.
2) Changes I make that are deemed great by some are viewed as awful by others - example an added category to a report is highly welcomed by some and a pain in the neck to others.
3) I need to be so careful with what can be done because of a small number of people who if they can will break things or totally exploit the capability. Example download ranges etc. It is not as simple as just banning people.

As things stand, I run the site entirely by myself. I love doing it, but in order to get to the next level, I have to accept that some things need to change for the longer term and some of the stuff I have neglected (such as promoting the site) also needs worked on. It is my plan to meet up with site members who fancy doing so in 2018, a lot can be learned from sitting down as a group and going through the site.

My plan has always been to reward loyalty and fairness. The Henry Ford statement at the bottom of all pages is basically how I see it. I will be sorting it all out in the coming week to 10 days, in advance of the extremely busy christmas period. I will make a note at the top of this page of any new things/changes I can get live and I will post another blog probably on the 13th.

My Dad was a big help for me when I started the site and it would never have been a reality without him, as some of you know he died a couple of years ago with cancer, I mention it as he would have been 70 this month, which sucks. His death was a very testing time for me and the site and there have been other pivotal points over the years for the site. I can genuinely say that I am incredibly proud of and grateful to the group of loyal members that have found HorseRaceBase and offer such fantastic constructive feedback, donate fairly and truly appreciate the idea to create something different in the horse racing world. The site would not exist without you. Thank you.


6th December 2017

As previously advised, what was the beta site is now live. If you are having any problems please contact me.

To assist with as smooth a transition as possible you can still access the old site. This will only be for a few days and it is imperative that if there is an issue with the new set up that you let me know.

This move is required in order to move the site on and develop existing and introduce new features. As soon as I am satisfied that all is okay, I will confirm what will happen next and begin a period of enhancements.

My sincere thanks for your assistance, feedback and for supporting HorseRaceBase.

Please also note that I am still having issues with emails for NTL/Virgin and couple of others and if you have not received a reply from me or the daily emails are not coming, it is because your supplier is blocking mail. I would recommend a Gmail account


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Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.
Henry Ford
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