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  • New shortcut added - Horses who have won over distance, going and in class
  • New shortcut added - Horses running over Shorter Distance and in Lower Grade vs LR
  • V4 Stake plan area limit increased from 7500 to 10000
  • New feature added to One Day Race Cards - Stored Race View
  • New Shortcut added - Horses with previous same code run, back to Flat/AW after running in hurdle LR
  • New Shortcut added - Horses running in NH hurdles whose last race was on Flat/AW
  • Odds column added to Furthest Travellers shortcut
  • Favourite? column added to Trainers with 2 or more runners in a race Shortcut
  • Option to sort race cards by race time added to the Cards page
  • Links to the individual card added to all races in the one day race cards
  • Race type column added to downloads for both previous results and ratings by day
  • Date filter options added to both the Jockey and Trainer profilers
  • New feature added to V4 Qualifiers page. At the bottom it will now show horses that are No longer a qualifier but were on the last time the page was viewed.
  • Next and prev race links added to all individual results
  • Functionality added to Changes feature, can now be used to look at LR, 2LR, 3LR, 4LR and last win
  • Horse Names that are My Day Picks will now display in orange across appropriate tabs of the daily cards
  • Hide and recall options added to all appropriate tabs of the daily cards
  • My Day Picks options added to all appropriate tabs of the daily cards
  • Next and prev race links within cards updated to stay on same tab view
  • Sort option added to 'Trainers with 2 or more runners in a race' shortcut
  • Changes feature is now available for the next days racing (once loaded to site each afternoon)
  • Ratings Report page will now remember your last used Ratings set each time you access the page
  • Race type and handicap type options added to the Shortcut for Ratings Top Rated & Points Clear
  • Option added to Horse Summary - Change form (handicap type) included in the table
  • Over 800 new races added in to the big race trends section
  • New functionality to download either xls or csv list of all systems to include Slot, System Name, Date Saved, Status, Builder Version, Type and Notes. This is on the My HorseRaceBase page.
  • New shortcut - Horses Running Second Time in Headgear
  • Yards and Rail Move added to results download
  • Forecast payouts added to race results
  • Race type added to the additional download categories for V4 qualifiers.
  • New payment provider Sage Pay now active on the site, anyone using will be updated immediately.
  • Https certificate installed and all pages should now automatically divert to https (any problems please email me).
  • CSV options added to Daily and previous days ratings downloads, race date also added to the archive files
  • Over 50 new festivals added to the V4 System Builder
  • Sort option added to A-Z for owners
  • Non runners added to archived race results from 2016
  • Advanced link added for next days cards
  • Further improvements to Changes feature
  • New shortcut added - Horses who won last three races
  • New shortcut added - Horses who placed in last three races
  • Switch Horse feature added to the Horse Summary
  • Race card number added to the Switch Horse feature within the Profiler
  • Exact yards, rail adjustments and fences/hurdles also added to results
  • Exact yards and any rail adjustments added to the race cards
  • Number of fences/hurdles added to the race cards
  • New shortcut added - Horses running over longer distance than LR
  • New shortcut added - Horses running over shorter distance than LR
  • Advanced link added to all of today's race cards - display in line with the Advanced section of results
  • Race card number, 30 day Trainer and Jockey form added to the Advanced tab of all race results
  • New feature added - Changes
  • New feature added - My Day Picks. At the end of every row on the race card you will see a + or -. Click to add/remove from My Day Picks. View qualifiers in the usual area (v4 only)
  • Track/Dist Form added to Advanced tab of all race results
  • New shortcut added - Horses with different headgear v LR
  • New shortcut added - Todays Market Movers - FC v Early
  • Shortcut Trainers/Jockeys/Horses having first ever runner/ride/run in UK/IRE extended to show the stallion, dam and foal date for horses having their first run.
  • New feature added, Last 10 report.
  • Owner data extended with 20 more major owners added
  • 4 new shortcuts added - Horses running in higher grade than 2nd last race/lower grade than 2nd last race/higher grade than 3rd last race/lower grade than 3rd last race.
  • RaceType column added to the One Day Ratings download
  • Dam added as option to My Daily Report

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