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Overview - Horse Racing Research Tools

Researching horse racing can take many forms, with all punters having their own areas of expertise and interest. Each of the tools below have been designed, built, tested and continually improved thanks to HorseRaceBase members offering feedback. Try a free trial now!!

Data mining tool with hundreds of variables for building systems, researching stats and analysing patterns
The previous version of the System Builder (v3) - This remains active and usable however no further improvements shall be made to it as V4 is now in use.
Create ratings using your own logic by applying values to race and horse factors, backtest performance
Access a vast array of statistics and factual information in all horse racing matters.
Horse racing results database covering UK & Ireland since 1997.
Investigate draw bias and carry out indepth studies into stall placement and positioning.
Instantly find the races producing good or bad subsequent form.
View previous winners, study repeating data and run queries on over 700 major races.
Study the head to head history and collateral form of any two horses.
Dedicated pages with detailed information for all UK and Ireland race tracks.
Navigate to any horse, jockey, trainer or stallion and use the profiler to analyse performance.
From any race result view the progress of each of the horses since.

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