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Tracks - Help & Information

The race track over which any particular race is being run, is another essential part of your study into horse racing form. Throughout this site and all horse racing material you read, you shall find references to the race track. Listed below is a table showing each of the race tracks throughout the UK and Ireland alongside which region (track location) they are in and their shortened description used in places such as the Form Analysis section within Todays Tools. Click any track to visit the designated race course page, which includes track history and statistics.

Race TrackUK/Ire RegionShortStats Link
AintreeUKNorth West England AintAintree Statistics
AscotUKSouth East England AsctAscot Statistics
AyrUKScotland AyrAyr Statistics
BallinrobeIrelandConnacht BallBallinrobe Statistics
BangorUKWales BngrBangor Statistics
BathUKSouth West England BathBath Statistics
BellewstownIrelandLeinster BellBellewstown Statistics
BeverleyUKYorkshire BeveBeverley Statistics
BrightonUKSouth East England BrtnBrighton Statistics
CarlisleUKNorth West England CrlsCarlisle Statistics
CartmelUKNorth West England CrtmCartmel Statistics
CatterickUKYorkshire CattCatterick Statistics
Chelmsford CityUKCentral East England CfrdChelmsford City Statistics
CheltenhamUKSouth West England ChltCheltenham Statistics
ChepstowUKWales ChpsChepstow Statistics
ChesterUKNorth West England ChstChester Statistics
ClonmelIrelandMunster ClnmClonmel Statistics
CorkIrelandMunster CorkCork Statistics
CurraghIrelandLeinster CurrCurragh Statistics
DoncasterUKYorkshire DoncDoncaster Statistics
Down RoyalIrelandUlster DnRoDown Royal Statistics
DownpatrickIrelandUlster DnPtDownpatrick Statistics
DundalkIrelandLeinster DundDundalk Statistics
EpsomUKSouth East England EpsmEpsom Statistics
ExeterUKSouth West England ExetExeter Statistics
FairyhouseIrelandLeinster FairFairyhouse Statistics
FakenhamUKCentral East England FakeFakenham Statistics
Ffos LasUKWales FFosFfos Las Statistics
FolkestoneUKSouth East England FolkFolkestone Statistics
FontwellUKSouth East England FontFontwell Statistics
GalwayIrelandConnacht GlwyGalway Statistics
GoodwoodUKSouth East England GdwdGoodwood Statistics
Gowran ParkIrelandLeinster GwPkGowran Park Statistics
HamiltonUKScotland HamiHamilton Statistics
HaydockUKNorth West England HaydHaydock Statistics
HerefordUKCentral West England HereHereford Statistics
HexhamUKNorth East England HexhHexham Statistics
HuntingdonUKCentral East England HuntHuntingdon Statistics
KelsoUKScotland KelsKelso Statistics
KemptonUKSouth East England KempKempton Statistics
KilbegganIrelandLeinster KlbgKilbeggan Statistics
KillarneyIrelandMunster KillKillarney Statistics
LaytownIrelandLeinster LytnLaytown Statistics
LeicesterUKCentral England LeicLeicester Statistics
LeopardstownIrelandLeinster LeopLeopardstown Statistics
LimerickIrelandMunster LmrkLimerick Statistics
LingfieldUKSouth East England LingLingfield Statistics
ListowelIrelandMunster ListListowel Statistics
LudlowUKCentral West England LudlLudlow Statistics
Market RasenUKCentral East England MkRaMarket Rasen Statistics
MusselburghUKScotland MussMusselburgh Statistics
NaasIrelandLeinster NaasNaas Statistics
NavanIrelandLeinster NvanNavan Statistics
NewburyUKSouth East England NwbyNewbury Statistics
NewcastleUKNorth East England NwctNewcastle Statistics
Newmarket (July)UKCentral East England Nwm2Newmarket (July) Statistics
Newmarket (Rowley)UKCentral East England Nwm1Newmarket (Rowley) Statistics
Newton AbbotUKSouth West England NwAbNewton Abbot Statistics
NottinghamUKCentral England NottNottingham Statistics
PerthUKScotland PrthPerth Statistics
PlumptonUKSouth East England PlumPlumpton Statistics
PontefractUKYorkshire PontPontefract Statistics
PunchestownIrelandLeinster PuncPunchestown Statistics
RedcarUKYorkshire RedcRedcar Statistics
RiponUKYorkshire RponRipon Statistics
RoscommonIrelandConnacht RoscRoscommon Statistics
SalisburyUKSouth West England SalsSalisbury Statistics
SandownUKSouth East England SandSandown Statistics
SedgefieldUKNorth East England SdgeSedgefield Statistics
SligoIrelandConnacht SlgoSligo Statistics
SouthwellUKCentral England SthwSouthwell Statistics
StratfordUKCentral England StrtStratford Statistics
TauntonUKSouth West England TaunTaunton Statistics
ThirskUKYorkshire ThirThirsk Statistics
ThurlesIrelandMunster ThurThurles Statistics
TipperaryIrelandMunster TippTipperary Statistics
TowcesterUKCentral England TowcTowcester Statistics
TraleeIrelandMunster TralTralee Statistics
TramoreIrelandMunster TramTramore Statistics
UttoxeterUKCentral England UttxUttoxeter Statistics
WarwickUKCentral England WrwkWarwick Statistics
WetherbyUKYorkshire WthbWetherby Statistics
WexfordIrelandLeinster WxfdWexford Statistics
WincantonUKSouth West England WnctWincanton Statistics
WindsorUKSouth East England WndsWindsor Statistics
WolverhamptonUKCentral England WolvWolverhampton Statistics
WorcesterUKCentral England WrcrWorcester Statistics
YarmouthUKCentral East England YarmYarmouth Statistics
YorkUKYorkshire YorkYork Statistics

Stalls Help Section

I have never been happy with the information available regarding the effect of the draw in horse racing and decided to take on the project of creating an area for HorseRaceBase members to really be able to study the true effect of the draw and whether there is any bias at each track.

Stall Alignment

The effect of non-runners is nearly always ignored when doing stall analysis. I have not ignored it as the effect is too great to overlook. For each non-runner the stall is removed while all remaining horses keep their draw number. However importantly the remaining stalls are then bunched together. Example - in a race originally with 10 runners, each will be designated a starting stall from 1-10. Lets say stall numbers 1,2,3 & 4 all become non-runners. The outcome is stall number 5 is now placed effectively as if it were stall 1, stall 6 as if it were stall 2 etc.

Stalls Change

You may have read about the change in stalls layout at right-handed tracks whereby a new initiative has seen the stall numbering reversed to bring the UK/Ireland in line with the rest of the racing world. I have amended the details of the past within the Stalls Analyser to take this into account so work carried out by the analyser will be appropriate to the actual numbered positioning now. You need therefore take no action, this message is simply to advise I am aware of the situation and have acted accordingly.

Stall Number

See the above section on Stall Alignment, which I recommend. If you decide to go by the stall number you are ignoring the sometimes massive effect of non runners in the race and the actual stall number will be used for the analysis.

Stall Numbering

Stall numbers are numbered left to right in all instances but it depends on the track on what this actually means. There is often confusion when people say high draw/low draw etc and in some instances may actually be referring to the opposite in terms of numbering. For the purpose of consistency in the Stalls Analysis this is on the basis of starting at Stall 1 and moving up.

Stall Positioning

Stall positioning is only used in the UK and can have a dramatic effect. The available options will depend on the track and distance selected - note each track has their own way of reporting the information and although normally Stands Side/Far Side are used for straight courses and Inside/Outside for Round, this does vary at some tracks. Where needed I have standardised in accordance with each tracks layout to ensure consistency, therefore for each track/distance combination there are maximum 3 options (either being Stands Side/Centre/Far Side or Inside/Centre/Outside). Ireland do not use the Stall Positioning system and therefore when you are presented with the analysis there will obviously be no reports of this nature for Irish tracks.

Straight & Round Courses

Tracks vary in terms of the courses they have. Some only have a left handed or right handed course. Others also have a straight track for some short distances. Where needed the report will be split into two if your query includes a distance range, which crosses over the two different types of course (as lumping them together creates false data). In this respect it is also worth noting some tracks have two different starts (round & straight) for the one distance. (Example 1 mile at Newcastle).

Flip/Flag Starts

In the rare event of a flip start of course no stalls are used (despite the race record still recalling the allocated stall) - I have removed these races as they are irrelevant.

Colour Coding

If you opt to include colour coding, this is worked out as following, (providing there are more than 10 runs) -
Wins or WinStrike Option
Green - 25% or better than what could be expected (if all stalls had shared each of the wins).
Red - 25% or worse than what could be expected (if all stalls had shared each of the wins).
Yellow - Everything else.
Profit/Loss Option
Green - 3 or more points profit achieved .
Red - 3 points loss or no profit.
Yellow - Everything else.


Wins are the number of wins by stall alignment/stall number and number of runners. Win Strike is the rounded strike rate of winners and Profit/Loss is the rounded profit/loss made when backing at SP.

Data included & Exclusions

In cases where the race track closed and re-opened as a completely new track (example Kempton), obviously the old data is of no use and is excluded. Excluding these scenarios all data from 1st January 1997 is included.


With the Tracks setting, you can select race tracks to match your requirements. Your selection will limit the query to only races run at the tracks chosen.

Comments -

  • Choose Ayr, Downpatrick & Bath & only results from these tracks will be included in your query.
  • Choose Galway only & results from there alone will be included in your query.
  • If you choose Bangor in the Track (LR) category, your query will be limited to horses whose previous run was at Bangor.
  • Selecting Epsom in the Track (4LR) category will mean only horses whose fourth last run was at Epsom will be included.


With the UK/Ireland setting, you can select either UK or Ireland and limit your query to only races ran at tracks located within your selection.

Comments -

  • To only include results from the UK in your query, select UK and hit Go.
  • To only include results from Ireland in your query, select Ireland and hit Go.
  • To only include horses whose last run was in Ireland, select Ireland in the UK/IRELAND (LR) category.
  • To only include horses whose 3rd last run was in the UK, select UK in the UK/IRELAND (3LR) category.
  • If you select both UK & Ireland only the first option will be used. To include both do not use these categories.


With the Course Direction setting, you can limit your query to races ran in a certain direction.

Comments -

  • Choosing Left Handed returns only races run on a left handed track.
  • Choosing Straight returns only races run on a straight course.
  • Choosing Straight in the Course Direction (2LR) returns only horses whose second last run was on a straight course.


With the Stall setting, you can specify the stall number of a horse at the time of running. The position in stalls category removes unused stalls and orders stalls actually used numerically (example in a race with stalls 1, 3, 5, 6 then stall 1=1, 3=2, 5=3 etc)

  • Between 3 & 5 will limit query to all horses running from stalls 3, 4 or 5.
  • Between 4 & 4 would return only horses who at the time of running were in stall 4.


This category takes the stall position and allocates it to a particular quarter

  • For those running out of a stall in the first quarter you would choose this setting


With the Track Location setting, you can limit your query to race tracks within a certain location of the UK or Ireland.

Comments -

  • Choosing Munster and Scotland would limit your query to only races ran at tracks within Scotland or Munster.
  • Selecting Wales limits query to only races ran at tracks in Wales.
  • Selecting South East England in the Track Location (3LR) limits query to only horses whose third last run was at a track in South East England.


With the Bends setting, you can choose to only include race tracks/races with a certain type of bend.

Comments -

  • Choosing Sharp and Very Sharp would limit your query to only include races ran at tracks with those bend types.
  • Selecting Easy limits query to only races ran at tracks with easy bends.

Fence Type

With the Fence Type setting, you can choose to only include race tracks/races with a certain type of fence.

Comments -

  • Choosing Stiff and Very Stiff would limit your query to only include races ran at tracks with those fence types.
  • Selecting Easy limits query to only races ran at tracks with easy fences.

Course Speed

With the Course Speed setting, you can choose to only include race tracks/races with a certain description of the Course Speed.

Comments -

  • Selecting Tight limits query to only races ran at tracks with a Course Speed description of Tight.


With the Festivals setting, you can choose to only include races ran at your chosen festival(s).

Comments -

  • Selecting Cheltenham Festival limits query to only those races.

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