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My Systems Qualifiers (By Slot)

My Qualifiers

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A list of system qualifiers matching your specifications as created in the System Builder will be shown.

My Qualifiers lists all horses who meet the criteria you have specified in any of six different storage types, a general description of each is below.

Storage Types included in My Qualifiers

My Systems - Created and saved in the System Builder
My Trends - Created and saved in the System Builder (via Big Race Trends)
My Horses - Added on any horse summary or Profiler page
My Races - Added on any race result
My Multicuts - Created and saved in the Multicuts area
My Day Picks - Added on any race card by clicking the + at the end of the row

The most important thing to be aware of on the My Qualifiers page is that all qualifiers listed are based on the information known at the the time you are viewing the page. Certain data is open to change as described here. This means if you view the qualifiers in the morning (for example) and have data elements that are non static, you must fully accept there is a chance of missing a new qualifier or one of the shown qualifiers dropping out. It is obviously best to check qualifiers as close to the race start time as possible.

When the page is initially loaded, all qualifiers will be displayed. The storage type (the tool such as My Systems, My Trends etc) is displayed in the first column of each row, if you have any notes stored it will be displayed in the second column. Following this details of the qualifier such as the horse name, jockey and trainer are shown.

An added feature for enhanced account holders is a display at the bottom of the page showing any horses that were qualifiers when you last viewed the page but no longer are now. This will be due to reasons as outlined in the section above regarding non static data.


In the options box there are various ways to change the display or do further analysis - here is an explanation of each

Download - transfer to excel etc
View Only Races With Qualifiers - provides a summary of each race with qualifiers and how many qualifiers there are in total
View Unique Qualifiers - a summary of each unique qualifier and how many times it has qualified across all storage types
Hide Races Already Ran - on a busy racing day it can be useful to eliminate races already completed, clicking this option does so
Hide Non Runners - you may wish to exclude non runners from the display and this option does so
Merge Systems & Ratings - combine the My Qualifiers page with any of your ratings sets from the Ratings Machine
Reset Page and Show All - clicking this will remove any sorting etc you have in place and reload the page from scratch
Qualifier Check - see help section for Qualifier check
View Yesterdays Confirmed Qualifiers - view confirmation of My Systems qualifiers for each system slot on the previous day
Show Tomorrows Qualifiers - switch to view current qualifiers for the next day (when available)
Show 48hr Decs Qualifiers - switch to view current qualifiers for the 48hr declarations (when available)
My Systems Qualifiers (By Slot) - this standalone page shows My Systems qualifiers only and offers a differing presentation. Each available slot as per account type is listed in a grid format along with an option to recall to the System Builder, the name you gave your system and a link to change the notes associated with it. The compact view shows the horse name, race time and track plus current odds of each qualifier for that slot. Change View - You can give My Systems a categorisation of back/lay. This option shows only qualifiers matching your choice
Show/Dont Show Notes - If you have saved notes then you may wish to reference them when viewing qualifiers. Clicking the Show option will add an extra line beneath each row for any notes you have created that match. The site will remember your notes choice for the next time you view the My Qualifiers page.

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