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My Horses Management

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The My Horses feature allows members to save horses via the Notify Me function to a personal database and receive notification through My Qualifiers whenever they are due to run in the UK or Ireland as well as options for managing any horses you currently have saved using the My Horses page.

Saving A Horse (Notify Me)

To add a horse to My Horses, go to its record and click 'Notify Me'. You can access a horse record in several ways including by clicking its name on a race card/result/any feature or by searching for its name using the search box. The Notify Me box is on the right hand of the horse summary page in the Options box

There are quite a variety of reasons why you may decide to begin monitoring a particular horse. It could be you have watched and feel the horse is likely to improve or perhaps you have read positive comments attributed to the horses trainer or maybe its just simply because you like following the horse in all its races.

When you have successfully accessed the horse individual form record in the top right hand corner you will see a selection of options. One of these is 'Notify Me', which is the option to save and follow - you have the option to add a text comment, this can be particularly useful if you have several saved horses at a time. The number of horses you can save is defined by the type of account you have.

Managing My Horses

Here you can view all the vital information on your collection of saved horses. Data includes.

  • Monitored Number Confirmation - The number of horses you are monitoring.
  • Upcoming Horses Running - A display of all your horses with races they are entered in.
  • Horse - Saved Number and confirmation of the saved criteria
  • Manage Option - A MANAGE button, which if clicked lets you amend the saved record.
  • Date Saved - The date you initially saved the record
  • Runs Since Date Saved - Brief details of all runs after the date you saved, if clicked will open the result.

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