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Exeter, Listed 2m1f Novice Hurdle (Feb)

Started 2005, no race 2007, 2009, 2012

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DateTrackDistanceGoingRunnersWinnerAge Jockey (Clm)TrainerOddsWeightORDays
Exeter 2m1f Soft5 51/16 11-1114936 days
Exeter 2m1f Heavy5 52/9 11-1114247 days
Exeter 2m1f Good To Soft6 59/2 11-1113715 days
Exeter 2m1f Heavy5 511/8 11-312944 days
Exeter 2m1f Heavy5 75/4 11-1114536 days
Exeter 2m1f Heavy6 54/9 11-11030 days
Exeter 2m1f Good To Soft5 54/5 11-110
Exeter 2m1f Good To Soft7 615/8 11-11034 days
Exeter 2m1f Good To Soft11 56/5 11-1113836 days
Exeter 2m1f Soft6 53/1 11-913536 days

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