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Nottingham, Further Flight Stakes

Race commenced 2001

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DateTrackGoingDistanceRunners WinnerOdds TrainerAgeWeightORJockey (Clm)Stall
12.04.2017Nottingham Good To Firm1m6f 5Elidor 6/1Channon, M R79-1108Sousa, Silvestre De 3
6.04.2016Nottingham Heavy1m6f 9Frosty Berry 50/1De Giles, Ed78-1082Gray, S A 5
8.04.2015Nottingham Soft1m6f 7Deuce Again 16/1Gosden, J H M48-790Havlin, Robert 5
9.04.2014Nottingham Soft1m6f 8Flying Officer (USA) 11/4Gosden, J H M48-12100Buick, William 7
10.04.2013Nottingham Good1m6f 8Testosterone (IRE) 6/4Dunlop, E A L58-9105Moore, Ryan 2
11.04.2012Nottingham Good To Soft1m6f 9Electrolyser (IRE) 16/1Cox, C G79-0109Kirby, Adam 6
6.04.2011Nottingham Firm1m6f 6The Betchworth Kid 8/1King, A69-097Turner, Hayley 1
7.04.2010Nottingham Soft1m6f 10Opinion Poll (IRE) 11/8Jarvis, M A48-11104Dettori, L 2
8.04.2009Nottingham Good To Firm1m6f 4Fiulin 2/5Botti, M48-11106Egan, John 2
2.04.2008Nottingham Soft1m6f 7Gull Wing (IRE) 6/1Bell, M L W48-692Mullen, Richard 3
4.04.2007Nottingham Good To Firm1m6f 8Mount Kilimanjaro (IRE) 20/1Dunlop, J L48-1188Fortune, Jimmy 1
12.04.2006Nottingham Soft1m6f 9Frank Sonata 100/30Quinlan, M G59-0102Moore, Ryan 4
6.04.2005Nottingham Soft1m6f 7Winged DArgent (IRE) 6/4Johnston, M48-1199Darley, K 6
31.03.2004Nottingham Good1m6f 6Alcazar (IRE) 11/8Morrison, H99-0118Fenton, Micky 2
1.04.2003Nottingham Good1m6f 11Alcazar (IRE) 8/1Morrison, H88-130Fenton, Micky 2
16.04.2002Nottingham Firm1m6f 7Hannibal Lad 20/1Brisbourne, W M68-1297Baker, George 8
3.04.2001Nottingham Heavy1m6f 12Turtle Valley (IRE) 7/1Dow, S58-893Doe, Paul 6
19.04.1999Nottingham Soft1m6f 7Raise A Prince (FR) 15/8Woods, S P C68-3103Callan, N (5)5

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