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Run Comments Project

If you are a member please log in to access the Run Comments Project or sign up for a free trial now. A working Progress! The options are -

Option 1 - Run Comments Search

Search for horses that include your searched phrase in their race comments from past races. Tick the WW (whole word) box if you want an exact match to entered text. To limit the dates searched change the date range in the dropdown.

Option 2 - Grid Analysis based on Run Comment text

Select race from the dropdown and choose how many of horses last run (up to 10) to include. Each of the runners with a number in each bracket based on last (up to 10) run comments will be shown. Example a 10 in the number 1 column means last 10 races the horse has been marked as never a threat. The run comments for each horse are shown below.

Option 3 - Analysis of Starting Position

View the historic position/running style of each horse based on previous runs to perhaps predict how upcoming race will be run.

Option 4 - Track/Distance analysis

Choose a track/distance/rtype combo (that exists!)

Option 5 - Download the last run comment of all horses running today

Option 6 - Jockey / Run Style Analysis

Show statistics when applying a run comment syle to each of the Jockeys last 500 rides. Each Jockey with a ride today, tomorrow or 48hr declarations is available

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