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All Horse Jockey/Trainer Mix/Other
Shortcuts specific to the Horse

Each of these shortcuts show information pertaining to characteristics specifically relating to the horse.

Recompeting Race Entered Last Year
Entered today non runner in last week
Turning out quickly (<=7 Days)
Back after layoff (365 days+)
Have previously won after a break
NH hurdlers whose last race was on Flat/AW
Ran in hurdle LR, back to Flat/AW
Gelded since last run
(Avg OR in Race) vs (Avg OR in Last)
Handicappers - Weight vs Prev Win High
OR today vs Win High (Handicaps)
OR 10 or more less (same code - Last 10 races)
Odds in this race vs Odds in Last
Beaten Favourite in Last Race
Beaten Favourite in Last 2 Races
Different headgear v LR
First Time in Headgear
Second Time in Headgear
First Time with Tongue Tie
Carrying a penalty
Won last race
Won last two races
Won last three races
Placed in last three races
Runs since win
Only runner in todays race that won last race
Unbeaten (Ran at least once)
Ran 5+ times and have never won
Ran 5+ times and have never placed
Ran 10+ times and have never won
Ran 10+ times and have never placed
First Time in a Handicap
First Time in Seller/Claimer
First Time in a Bumper
First Time in a Hurdle
First Time in a Chase
First Time on the All Weather
Won at same track as today in last race
Track Winners
Track Placed
Only track winner in todays race
Track/Distance Winners
Only track/distance winner in todays race
Shorter distance than LR
Longer distance than LR
Distance Winners
Only distance winner in todays race
Placed at the same going and distance in last race
Only going winner in todays race
Distance, Going and Class winners
Shorter Distance and in Lower Grade vs LR
Higher grade for first time
Lower grade for first time
Higher grade than last race
Lower grade than last race
Higher grade than 2nd last race
Lower grade than 2nd last race
Higher grade than 3rd last race
Lower grade than 3rd last race
Have won in higher class
Shortcuts specific to the Jockey and/or Trainer

Each of these shortcuts show information pertaining to characteristics specifically relating to either the jockey or the trainer (or in some cases both).
It is important to be aware that the assigned jockey in a race can change right up to the off.

Jockey Specific
J- 1 ride today (all tracks combined).
J- 1 ride at track.
J- exactly 2 rides at track.
J- exactly 3 rides at track.
J- making a claim.
J- who are the only one in race making a claim.
J- Having First Ride At Track.
J- Riding at 2 Different Tracks.
J- 14 day strike rate.
J- 30 day strike rate.
J- ridden horse more than once.
J- riding horse for first time.
J- previously won on horse.
J- rides since win.
Trainer Specific
T- with only 1 runner at track.
T- with 1 runner on day.
T- with 2 runners on day.
T- with 3 runners on day.
T- with runners at 2 or more tracks.
T- with 2 or more runners in a race.
T- Having First Runner At Track.
T-runners since win.
T- 14 day strike rate.
T- 30 day strike rate.
T- Track strike rate.
T- with entry in race won last year
T- 14Day% double or better than 2yr%.
T-Furthest Travellers (Miles)
Jockey/Trainer Combination
Jockeys/Trainers with same surname.
Jockeys/Trainers Win% (last 730 days)
Jockey/Trainer - 2 or more rides.
Jockey/Trainer - 2 or more rides <= 6/1.
Jockeys 1 ride/Trainers 1 runner at track (combined).
Mixed/Other Shortcuts

These shortcuts hold a variety of information as described.

Ratings Top Rated & Points Clear.
View Yesterdays Results.
Race by Race Summary (Min OR, Max OR)
Race by Race Summary (Competitiveness)
Odds Difference between Fav and 2nd Fav
Current Trend Races
Stallions average official rating for winners in handicaps.
Todays Market Movers - Early v Now
Todays Market Movers - FC v Early
Horses who have changed Trainer since last run.
Horses Running First Time for Trainer on the AW.
Trainers/Jockeys/Horses having first ever runner/ride/run in UK/IRE.

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