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From PJ Keane

I have been a passionate follower of horseracing for many years, and I can say, without a doubt, that horseracebase.com has provided me with the best online horseracing experience. The website not only offers a comprehensive suite of tools but also presents them in a user-friendly manner that makes it incredibly convenient to use.What distinguishes HorseRaceBase from other horseracing websites is its commitment to improving user experience based on member feedback. As a user, it is heartening to see our inputs and suggestions valued and incorporated into the sites evolving functionalities. The extensive range of tools available on the website is awe-inspiring. The System Builder and Stat Attack tools have become my go-to resources for developing betting strategies. They offer an in-depth analysis that is difficult to find elsewhere. On top of that, the websites Daily Tools section, with features like Todays Cards & Analysis and Live Odds Tracker, are invaluable for making informed decisions on race day.The sites layout is exceptionally intuitive and easy to navigate. With a clear and concise directory of member tools and daily tools, its easy to find exactly what youre looking for. Furthermore, the ability to set personal preferences and receive daily emails without any advertisements adds a level of personalization that I greatly appreciate.In a nutshell, HorseRaceBase.com stands out in the crowd not just because of its variety of tools and resources, but also because of its commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. The fact that the site appreciates the support of its users, as evidenced by their gratitude for my payments, shows their dedication to their user base.To anyone looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly, and interactive horseracing experience, I cannot recommend HorseRaceBase enough. It is an invaluable asset to anyone interested in horseracing, whether youre a seasoned enthusiast like myself or a newcomer to the sport.

From Colin

Just wanted to say thanks for your continuing work with the site. I've been a member for a long time and I've seen some amazing new features you have added over the years. Generally I look for patterns in trainer behaviour. Favourite courses, times of year, race types etc, and have now added to that with the new Wind Op category. Interesting to see how each trainer uses wind ops and whether they will be improved by having surgery or not. The other area I look at is Big Race Trends which is a particularly easy task in Horseracebase. A few clicks and you are away. Many thanks from a stats nerd.

From Anon

I’ve been a member for a good few years now and hope to be for many more. The database is deep, extensive, all consuming and you will disappear into it for days on end. The search options are substantial within the system builder, but the ability to research hot/cold races and to look within a never ending list of Big Race Trends for all major festivals across all forms of racing is really the icing on a pretty large cake. There are seemingly endless daily reports that you can choose to use, ignore or dig further into and to top it all off if you do think anything’s missing , drop Chris a message and he’ll consider the potential for adding it to many of the enormous range of tools already at your disposal. A top service and I can’t speak highly enough of the range of options the service provides

From Nigel

Have been using HRB for a fair while now and have to say how well run it is. Keep up the great work.

From Barry

My God, What an Incredible piece of Horse Racing Software. This is the Program I have been Looking for since i was in my 20's (now in 50's) for a Systems Nut like myself it is like opening Pandora's Box. The Tsunami of Information that Floods on to your screen(In a Flash) with a couple of mouse clicks is amazing, and almost overwhelming. If you are serious about studying Race Horse Form, YOU DON'T NEED TO LOOK ANY FURTHER.

From Nick A

Great site - information provided works perfectly for my style of betting. Thanks Chris !

From Charles

Thanks for all the efforts you put on the site to enable the user to get winners, there's the advance data section on the front of each race card that i have just started using recently, is a wonderful feature, just pointed a winner in the form of stormbay bomber at south 6:05. This was the most recent one of them. Thanks again

From Richard Sutton

Morning Chris, As you can see I have been using HRB for a while now. I am really getting into trying to find winners via Sire aspects. The site you have designed is just superb and I wanted to thank and congratulate you on all the brilliant ideas and innovations. I am only a small punter but I derive a lot of pleasure from looking at the mass of information you provide. Many thanks.

Thank you,Chris,for the most incredible horse racing data site. My congratulations to you and to all of those who have helped you. Best wishes, Gray.

From Marie

Thanks Chris for creating something so indepth and for actually listening to requests from users, its a breath of fresh air and if you keep developing as you seem intent on doing, the sky is the limit!

From Johnnie J

Not sure how else to express my thanks for HorseRaceBase but I wanted to write something for your testimonials page, it has changed me from a punter who occasionally has a lucky day to a punter who really does rather well for himself. I really am so grateful and think your site is a hidden gem.

From Ed

I wish I had discovered HRB much earlier a powerful range of analysis and tools for both punters and racing professionals. A bargain for any serious betting person. Well done Chris

From freddyfly

What a piece of luck finding this site. Have great difficulty in logging off. This is what I have been searching for. Thanks for the pleasure of using your site.

Eddie C, Manchester

Hi Chris. I have just joined your service and found it the best VFM site I have ever come across. I love studying and looking at different angles and your site certainly allows me to do that. A big thank you.I do not know how you do it for the money when comparable sites charge at least double. Once again thank you for your kindness and god bless.


Just joined as a member after working with the Free Trial. The info and stats provided are fantastic and are a great help in the style of betting I do. Very successful so far, thanks guys keep up the good work !!

From Jim

Truly grateful for the wonderful service you provide. Since I have been a member of HRB my gambling approach has improved significantly. Your integrity and honesty are so refreshing and the hard work you put in to continually advance the site through listening to your members is unrivalled. I would sincerely recommend the service to all horse racing fans.

From Ivor, Reading

Wow! Incredibly fast. For an eager-eyed statistic freak like myself, this is gold! Thank you so much for providing such a great service.

From Andy T

What a superb piece of kit, I can not believe I have only just discovered it.

From Garfield

I just wanted to let you know that all your hard work is greatly appreciated.

From Wayne Bailey

I've been analysing systems for a number of years now for some well known newspapers and websites. I have tried pretty much all the system builders out there - free and otherwise. I can honestly say that Horse Race Base is up there with the best, and it's the one I return to the most now. In fact, I now realise that I've wasted quite a few quid paying subscriptions to some high profile system building sites that don't offer half as much. Also, the site owner (Chris) promptly answers any mails/queries and is always open to new ideas. The amount of variables that one can mine is massive, and it definitely helps me get an edge in this game. The ability to save systems and be alerted when you get a qualifier is an amazing time-saver for those of us who have a lot of systems on the go at any given time. In a society where everyone seems to want to rip people off, this is truly a refreshing site - and among the best on the web for racing fans.

Peter, Australia

I have been using the site for a few days now and I am extremely impressed with what is provided. In the past I used a massive database that I updated daily at a cost much higher than what is provided here and it was no where as fast as this. Offline databases depend on the speed of your PC, which is not always that good, depending on how much money you want to throw at it. Here we are provided with lightning fast results in a matter of seconds. Very impressed, I will be using this services for as long as it is here, thank you for providing such a great service. Good to see someone with honesty and integrady in this industry for once. Top stuff.

From Brian

Great site guys,hours of enjoyment on it.

From Kevin

What an incredible site, thank you for the time you have put into creating a very user friendly site. I cant believe how much information is available, and how i can tinker with my systems to make them even better. Many thanks again, i will happily make a payment each month to access this site. Keep up the good work. Kevin

From Andy

Every successful punter needs an edge to succeed in this game. Betting discipline is difficult enough to maintain on its own but with Horseracebase.com you have all the tools you need to find a decent edge and take care of one side of the equation. Thats not all, there are more features being added on a monthly basis!!

There are too many tools for me to use all at once so Ive decided to specialise in lower class handicaps. Maybe youll decide on flat-racing maidens or novice jump racing who knows? Just remember that Horseracebase.com will give you the edge over the mug punters, all you need do from here on in is wager like a professional.

O.k. so it took a while to explore the site, get used to the tools and how they operate. But in life you rarely get something for nothing. With Horseracebase.com you have a very cost effective and unique alternative to the rest of whats out there and with your support (and mine) itll be here to stay.

Heres what youll save: Time, money and did I mention time? If you cant make enough of an edge to pay a small sum every month then gambling is definitely not for you. And please dont be fooled into thinking that a payment-based site must be pants because youre overlooking the best kept secret for racing punters on the net.

I need hardly tell you I made £20,000 in my first week using the excellent race ratings because that would be a damn lie. Yet I know that what Ive written above sounds like a cheesy advert for Horseracebase.com and youd be right. Thats because Chris the owner bless him is not that good at copy writing for this fantastic web resource (nap). Therefore the users of this site will just have to do it for him. Thatll give him more time to answer queries on the forum and update the site on a regular basis. Thats a win-win situation in my book.

So before you leave you owe it to yourself to make a small payment and check out Horseracebase.com for yourself. What have you got to lose?

From Karen

I dont have time to spend doing all the research required in Horse Racing and I used to pay for this with guesswork betting as I love an interest each day. But with horseracebase tools like the system builder saving my system efforts, the horse profiler and hot races I can log in for ten minutes each morning basically be told what to bet and then go off to work with minimum effort and my bets done. I havent even had a chance to explore even a quarter of whats available on this amazing resource site. Whats more I can honestly say I have never came across customer service at such a high level with a real personal touch to boot.

From Skids Row

I prefer to get to the point, this site is excellent and what I enjoy most is watching it grow. since I have joined I have saved so much time and its amazing how easy it is to lay your hands on any sort of stats. I know chris fairly well at this stage and I admire what he is doing and am delighted to continue the excellent service and consistent improvements you see

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