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This quick glance feature shows all horses running today (who have a previous run) and if data in LR was the same. Please be aware it looks very specifically at the last race etc, so the weight column could be misleading if for example a horse has changed codes. The weight column takes into account the jockeys claim both today and in the previous race. Send me a mail with any feedback/suggestions. Chris

Use this shortcut for more information on horses that have changed trainers

5.55 Chelmsford City Spare Parts (IRE) SAME-1f-25 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Run With Pride (IRE) SAMESAMESAME+2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Lanjano -1-1fSAME+5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Out Of The Ashes SAME-1-1f+10 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Vroom (IRE) SAMESAME-8 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Desert Fox SAME-1fSAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Alfonso Manana (IRE) -1-1f+10 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Haraz (IRE) SAME-1f+7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City De Little Engine (IRE) -1-1f-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Billyoakes (IRE) SAMESAME-5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Spin Top SAMESAME-7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Malaysian Boleh SAME-1f-2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City El Torito (IRE) SAME-1fSAMESAME (Handicap)
5.55 Chelmsford City Hisar (IRE) SAMESAME-20 lbsSAME (Handicap)
6.30 Chelmsford City Georgian Bay (IRE) -3SAMESAME-1 lbsClaimer / Handicap
6.30 Chelmsford City Tatlisu (IRE) SAMESAMESAME-11 lbsSAME (Claimer)
6.30 Chelmsford City Enigmatic (IRE) -4-1.5f-1 lbsClaimer / Non-Hcp
6.30 Chelmsford City Loyalty SAME-2+1fSAME-5 lbsClaimer / Handicap
7.00 Chelmsford City Surrey Blaze (IRE) SAME+1.5f+8 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.00 Chelmsford City Forricherforpoorer (IRE) SAME+2fSAME+4 lbsHandicap / Novices
7.00 Chelmsford City Garsington -1+3fSAMEHandicap / Novices
7.00 Chelmsford City Headwear (IRE) SAME+1.5fSAME+2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.00 Chelmsford City Pretty Pearl SAMESAME+3fSAME-2 lbsHandicap / Novices
7.00 Chelmsford City Amenhotepthethird -1+2fSAME-10 lbsHandicap / Novices
7.30 Chelmsford City Wapping (USA) SAME-2fCHANGE+6 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.30 Chelmsford City Wimpole Hall SAMESAMESAME-5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.30 Chelmsford City Echo Brava SAME-7fCHANGE-21 lbsHandicap / Mdn Hurdle
7.30 Chelmsford City Taqwaa (IRE) -1+3fCHANGESAMESAME (Handicap)
7.30 Chelmsford City Nonios (IRE) SAME+0.5f+3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.30 Chelmsford City Hairdryer +1SAME-4 lbsSAME (Handicap)
7.30 Chelmsford City Shamrokh (IRE) +1SAME-1 lbsHandicap / Non-Hcp
8.00 Chelmsford City Volatile SAMESAMESAME+12 lbsSAME (Novices)
8.00 Chelmsford City Reiffa (IRE) SAME+1fSAMESAMESAME (Novices)
8.00 Chelmsford City Cloud Eight (IRE) SAME+1f-4 lbsSAME (Novices)
8.00 Chelmsford City Darkest Light +1SAME-10 lbsSAME (Novices)
8.00 Chelmsford City Elite Shadow SAME+1f-11 lbsSAME (Novices)
8.00 Chelmsford City Global Pass SAMESAMESAMESAMESAME (Novices)
8.00 Chelmsford City Voice Of Dubai -1SAMESAME-4 lbsSAME (Novices)
8.30 Chelmsford City Pretty Bubbles SAMESAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
8.30 Chelmsford City Pulsating (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
8.30 Chelmsford City Lady Cristal (IRE) SAMESAME+2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
8.30 Chelmsford City Natalie Express (FR) SAMESAMESAME-3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
8.30 Chelmsford City Reedanjas (IRE) SAMESAME-5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
8.30 Chelmsford City Cool Breeze (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
8.30 Chelmsford City Bobby Vee +1SAME-8 lbsSAME (Handicap)
9.00 Chelmsford City Pour Lamour (IRE) SAME+2f-4 lbsSAME (Handicap)
9.00 Chelmsford City Lord Franklin -2-2f-27 lbsHandicap / Mdn Hurdle
9.00 Chelmsford City Kimene SAME+4.5f+7 lbsHandicap / Maiden
9.00 Chelmsford City With Hindsight (IRE) SAMESAME+0.5f-10 lbsSAME (Handicap)
9.00 Chelmsford City Marshall Aid (IRE) SAMESAME+0.5fSAME+1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
9.00 Chelmsford City Enola (IRE) SAME-2f-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.00 Ludlow Melangerie SAMESAMESAMESAME+10 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
1.00 Ludlow Celer Et Audax SAME-3.5fSAME+2 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.00 Ludlow Definite Winner (IRE) SAME-3fSAME+4 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
1.00 Ludlow Fleur Du Pommier +2+0.5f+4 lbsNovices Hurdle / NH Flat
1.00 Ludlow Gloi SAMESAMESAME+2 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.00 Ludlow Hijran (IRE) SAMESAMESAME-3 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
1.00 Ludlow Lady Vitesse +2SAMESAMESAMENovices Hurdle / NH Flat
1.00 Ludlow May Mist SAMESAMESAMESAME+2 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.00 Ludlow Passing Call SAME+0.5fSAME+2 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
1.00 Ludlow Quine des Champs +2+0.5fSAME+2 lbsNovices Hurdle / NH Flat
1.00 Ludlow Rouergate (FR) SAMESAMESAME-5 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.00 Ludlow Secret Escape (IRE) -3-0.5fSAMENovices Hurdle / NH Flat
1.00 Ludlow Shufoog SAME-0.5fSAME+7 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.00 Ludlow The Mistress (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME+2 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.00 Ludlow Trojan Lass (IRE) IRE-4fCHANGE-5 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.00 Ludlow Sin Sin (IRE) SAME-1f-5 lbsNovices Hurdle / Hurdle
1.30 Ludlow Copper Kay -1-0.5fSAME-7 lbsNovices Chase / Hcp Hurdle
1.30 Ludlow Happy Diva (IRE) -2-4f-8 lbsSAME (Novices Chase)
1.30 Ludlow Midnight Target SAMESAMESAMESAME+7 lbsSAME (Novices Chase)
1.30 Ludlow Shaama Grise (FR) SAME+2.5fSAMESAMESAME (Novices Chase)
2.00 Ludlow Actinpieces -2-1fSAME+10 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.00 Ludlow Aubusson (FR) -1-6f+5 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.00 Ludlow Sego Success (IRE) -1SAMESAME+10 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.00 Ludlow Local Show (IRE) -1SAME-13 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.00 Ludlow Champagne At Tara SAME-1.5f-21 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.00 Ludlow Mystical Knight SAMESAME-8 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.00 Ludlow Ravished (IRE) SAME+3.5fSAME-9 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.35 Ludlow Call Me Sid SAMESAME+7 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.35 Ludlow Darius Des Bois (FR) -1-0.5f+5 lbsSAME (Mdn Hurdle)
2.35 Ludlow General Malarkey (IRE) +2+5.5fSAMESAMEMdn Hurdle / NH Flat
2.35 Ludlow Gortroe Joe (IRE) SAMESAME+5.5fSAME+7 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.35 Ludlow Its Fine Wine +2+3.5fSAME+3 lbsMdn Hurdle / NH Flat
2.35 Ludlow Jersey Bean (IRE) SAME+3.5f+7 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.35 Ludlow Luckime (IRE) SAME+2f+10 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.35 Ludlow Lygon Rock (IRE) SAME+1.5f+10 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.35 Ludlow Marlais SAME+1.5fSAME-7 lbsMdn Hurdle / Hcp Hurdle
2.35 Ludlow Master Tradesman (IRE) SAME-5f-12 lbsMdn Hurdle / Hunter Chs
2.35 Ludlow No Hiding Place (IRE) SAME+1fSAME+5 lbsSAME (Mdn Hurdle)
2.35 Ludlow Ofcourseiwill (IRE) +2+5f+5 lbsMdn Hurdle / NH Flat
2.35 Ludlow Paul (FR) SAME+1.5f+7 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
2.35 Ludlow Spin The Coin (IRE) SAME+2fSAME+7 lbsMdn Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
3.10 Ludlow Mendip Express (IRE) -1-2.5fSAME+9 lbsHunter Chs / Hcp Chase
3.10 Ludlow Now Ben (IRE) -2-4fSAME+10 lbsHunter Chs / Nvc Hunt Chase
3.10 Ludlow Lilbitluso (IRE) +2+1f+1 lbsSAME (Hunter Chs)
3.10 Ludlow Tugboat (IRE) SAME+2.5f+12 lbsHunter Chs / Hcp Hunt Chase
3.10 Ludlow Real Milan (IRE) -2-2.5fSAME-20 lbsSAME (Hunter Chs)
3.10 Ludlow Virak (FR) -2-2.5f-3 lbsHunter Chs / Hcp Chase
3.10 Ludlow Wild Bill (IRE) -2-4fCHANGE-2 lbsSAME (Hunter Chs)
3.45 Ludlow Deauville Crystal (FR) -1+3.5f+4 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.45 Ludlow Crucial Role SAME+3.5fSAME+5 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.45 Ludlow Capote (IRE) +1-1fSAME-4 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Nvc Chase
3.45 Ludlow Vinegar Hill SAME-3.5f-5 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Chase
3.45 Ludlow Three Star General -1-3fSAME+14 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.45 Ludlow Allbarnone +1-0.5f-14 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.45 Ludlow Jennys Day (IRE) SAME+5fSAME+1 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.45 Ludlow The Sweeney (IRE) +1+4.5f+1 lbsHcp Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
3.45 Ludlow Gamain (IRE) SAME+1SAMESAME-24 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.45 Ludlow Pennywell (IRE) +1SAMESAME-14 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.45 Ludlow Boxer Beat (IRE) +3+7fCHANGE-14 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hunter Chs
4.20 Ludlow Delirious Love (IRE) +2-2.5f+3 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow Dreamliner +1-1.5f-15 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow El Scorpio (IRE) +1-2.5fSAME+4 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow Flash The Steel (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME+4 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow Ligny (FR) -2-2.5f+8 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow Rainbow Legend +1-3fSAME+4 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow Rebound (IRE) +2SAMESAME+7 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow St Georges Oval (IRE) +1-2.5fSAME+5 lbsNH Flat / Mdn NHF
4.20 Ludlow Top Decision (IRE) -1-2.5fSAME+4 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow Laughing Luis +2+0.5fSAME-10 lbsSAME (NH Flat)
4.20 Ludlow Righteous River +1-3f-7 lbsNH Flat / Mdn NHF
12.20 Southwell Rolling Dice SAMESAME-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.20 Southwell John Caesar (IRE) SAME-3.5f-16 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.20 Southwell Sooqaan SAME-1.5f+11 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.20 Southwell St Patricks Day (IRE) SAMESAMESAME+6 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.20 Southwell Dusty Bin SAMESAME+2fSAME+5 lbsHandicap / Non-Hcp
12.20 Southwell Tilly Devine SAMESAME+1fSAME+11 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.20 Southwell Outlaw Torn (IRE) +1-2f+2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.20 Southwell General Tufto SAMESAMESAMESAME+14 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.20 Southwell Quick Monet (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME+4 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.20 Southwell Zarkavon SAME-1-4f+5 lbsHandicap / Maiden
12.20 Southwell Bib And Tucker SAME+2f-10 lbsHandicap / Novices
12.50 Southwell Secret Lightning (FR) +1SAME-8 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.50 Southwell Sunshineandbubbles SAME-1.5fSAME+1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.50 Southwell Fille The Force -1+3f+11 lbsHandicap / Maiden
12.50 Southwell Ignacio Zuloaga (IRE) -1SAME+5 lbsHandicap / Maiden
12.50 Southwell Mamnoon (IRE) SAMESAME-3f+6 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.50 Southwell Limerick Lord (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME+9 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.50 Southwell Just Fred (IRE) SAMESAME-3f+7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.50 Southwell Quadriga (IRE) SAMESAME-3f-7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
12.50 Southwell Port Soif -1+2fCHANGE+5 lbsHandicap / Maiden
12.50 Southwell Jaffar SAMESAMESAME-6 lbsHandicap / Hcp Nursery
1.20 Southwell Angel Palanas SAMESAME+1f-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Eddiebet SAMESAME+5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Scrutiny SAMESAME-4f+1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Big Amigo (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME+1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Swot SAMESAME-1fSAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Canadian Royal SAMESAMESAME-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Seaview SAMESAMESAMESAME-3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Moi Aussie SAMESAME-34 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Best Tamayuz SAMESAMESAMESAME+5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Clergyman SAMESAME+1fSAME-3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Bush Beauty (IRE) SAMESAMESAME-6 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Naralsaif (IRE) +1+1fSAME-10 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell Caledonian Gold SAME+1+1f-12 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.20 Southwell My Girl Jo (FR) SAME-1SAME-7 lbsHandicap / Maiden
1.50 Southwell Decision Maker (IRE) SAMESAMESAME+9 lbsSAME (Maiden)
1.50 Southwell We Win +1-1fSAME+2 lbsSAME (Maiden)
1.50 Southwell Eyes of Fire SAMESAMESAMEMaiden / Novices
1.50 Southwell Filbert Street -1-1fCHANGE-3 lbsMaiden / Novices
1.50 Southwell Kodi Beach -1SAME-6 lbsSAME (Maiden)
1.50 Southwell Mearing +1-1fSAME-3 lbsMaiden / Novices
1.50 Southwell Royal Pursuit (USA) SAMESAMESAME-3 lbsMaiden / Novices
1.50 Southwell Axe Cap (IRE) SAMESAMESAME+2 lbsMaiden / Novices
1.50 Southwell Madame Ritz (IRE) SAMESAME-3 lbsMaiden / Novices
1.50 Southwell Nalaini (IRE) SAME-1fSAME-9 lbsMaiden / Novices
2.20 Southwell Handsome Dude SAMESAMESAMESAME+5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
2.20 Southwell Tricky Dicky SAMESAMESAME-7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
2.20 Southwell Pearl Nation (USA) SAME+2-2f-2 lbsHandicap / Claimer
2.20 Southwell Aleef (IRE) -1+1f+12 lbsSAME (Handicap)
2.20 Southwell Eccleston SAME-1f+3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
2.20 Southwell Letmestopyouthere (IRE) +2-1fSAME-2 lbsHandicap / Claimer
2.20 Southwell Alpha Tauri (USA) SAME-1-2fSAME+2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
2.55 Southwell Luv U Whatever SAME-0.5f-17 lbsSAME (Handicap)
2.55 Southwell Brotherly Company (IRE) SAME+2f+7 lbsHandicap / Non-Hcp
2.55 Southwell Free Bounty -1-9f-20 lbsHandicap / Hcp Hurdle
2.55 Southwell Captain Revelation SAME+2.5fSAME-5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
2.55 Southwell Akkadian Empire SAMESAME+4f-15 lbsHandicap / Hcp Maiden
2.55 Southwell Pack It In (IRE) SAMESAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
2.55 Southwell Ingleby Spring (IRE) SAME+1+1f+3 lbsSAME (Handicap)
2.55 Southwell Last Chance Paddy (USA) SAME+4fCHANGE-3 lbsHandicap / Maiden
2.55 Southwell The Lock Master (IRE) SAME+1+1f-15 lbsSAME (Handicap)
3.30 Southwell Archie Stevens SAMESAMESAME-5 lbsSAME (Handicap)
3.30 Southwell Something Lucky (IRE) +1SAMESAME+4 lbsSAME (Handicap)
3.30 Southwell Coiste BoDhar (IRE) SAMESAME-1fSAME+6 lbsSAME (Handicap)
3.30 Southwell Roys Legacy SAMESAMESAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
3.30 Southwell Dazeekha SAMESAMESAMESAMESAME (Handicap)
3.30 Southwell Excellent World (IRE) SAME-1SAME+3 lbsHandicap / Maiden
3.30 Southwell Cool Baby SAMESAMESAME-9 lbsSAME (Handicap)
3.30 Southwell Furni Factors SAMESAMESAME-2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
3.30 Southwell Elegant Joan SAME-1SAME-4 lbsHandicap / Novices
4.05 Southwell Ochos Rios SAMESAMESAMESAME+1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Stoneboat Bill SAMESAME-5.5f-30 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Go On Gal (IRE) SAMESAMESAME-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Star Ascending (IRE) SAMESAMESAME+8 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Cool Music (IRE) SAME-1fSAME-1 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell St Jamess Park (IRE) SAME+3f-21 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Leonard Thomas SAME-1.5f-20 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Thackeray SAMESAME-5.5f-38 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Master Of Song SAMESAMESAME-12 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Ambuscade SAMESAMESAME-2 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Freds Filly SAME+5f-15 lbsSAME (Handicap)
4.05 Southwell Rosie Hall (IRE) -2-5.5f-19 lbsHandicap / Novices Hurdle
4.05 Southwell Hazy Manor (IRE) -2-5.5f-33 lbsHandicap / Hurdle
4.05 Southwell Red Douglas SAMESAME+4f-7 lbsSAME (Handicap)
1.10 Wincanton The Nipper (IRE) SAME+3.5f+12 lbsHcp Chase / Novices Chase
1.10 Wincanton Tacenda (IRE) -2-3f+12 lbsHcp Chase / Novices Chase
1.40 Wincanton Contented (IRE) +1+1.5fSAMESAMEHcp Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
1.40 Wincanton Max Forte (IRE) SAME+1.5f+3 lbsHcp Hurdle / Novices Chase
1.40 Wincanton Hatchet Jack (IRE) +1-2.5fSAME-4 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Nvc Hurdle
1.40 Wincanton Vicenzo Mio (FR) SAME+3.5f+3 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.40 Wincanton Savoy Court (IRE) +1+1f+7 lbsHcp Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.40 Wincanton Maguires Glen (IRE) +1-2fSAME-7 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.40 Wincanton Martabot (FR) +1+2.5fSAME-13 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.40 Wincanton Beau Phil (FR) +1SAMECHANGE+3 lbsHcp Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
1.40 Wincanton Fenlons Court (IRE) +1+3.5f-17 lbsHcp Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
1.40 Wincanton Tea Time Fred +1-4f-11 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Chase
1.40 Wincanton Tudors Treasure +1-1.5f-25 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.40 Wincanton Black Anthem (IRE) +1+2fSAME-7 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.40 Wincanton The Mad Well (IRE) +1+5f-21 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
1.40 Wincanton Mountain Of Mourne (IRE) +1-3f-12 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Chase
2.10 Wincanton Wuff (IRE) SAME+1.5fSAME+5 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.10 Wincanton Rathlin Rose (IRE) -2-1.5f+19 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.10 Wincanton Dawson City SAME+4.5f+4 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.10 Wincanton Court Frontier (IRE) -1+4.5f+25 lbsHcp Chase / Hcp Hurdle
2.10 Wincanton Royal Palladium (FR) SAME+3.5fSAME-7 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.10 Wincanton Barton Gift SAME-2f-17 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.10 Wincanton Blameitalonmyroots (IRE) -1+4fSAME+15 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.10 Wincanton Themanfrom Minella (IRE) +1+3.5fSAME-10 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.10 Wincanton Cyclop (IRE) SAME+0.5fSAME-2 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.10 Wincanton Twojayslad +1+3.5f-16 lbsSAME (Hcp Chase)
2.45 Wincanton Behind Time (IRE) -1+4fSAME+8 lbsHcp Nvc Chase / Novices Chase
2.45 Wincanton Speedalong (IRE) SAME+1fSAME-10 lbsSAME (Hcp Nvc Chase)
2.45 Wincanton Triopas (IRE) SAME-4.5f-20 lbsHcp Nvc Chase / Hcp Hurdle
2.45 Wincanton Cap Horner (FR) SAME+2f-2 lbsHcp Nvc Chase / Hcp Hunt Chase
3.20 Wincanton Sea Wall (FR) SAME-1.5fSAME+17 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.20 Wincanton Show On The Road +1-1.5fSAME+5 lbsHcp Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
3.20 Wincanton Rainy Day Dylan (IRE) SAME+1SAMESAME-7 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hcp Nvc Hurdle
3.20 Wincanton The Brothers (IRE) +1-1.5f+6 lbsHcp Hurdle / Novices Hurdle
3.20 Wincanton Lillington (IRE) SAME+1-6fSAME-9 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.20 Wincanton Legend Lady SAME-4fSAME-4 lbsSAME (Hcp Hurdle)
3.20 Wincanton Acaro (FR) SAME-1f-3 lbsHcp Hurdle / Hurdle
3.55 Wincanton Big Fred (IRE) +1-0.5fSAME+4 lbsNovices Hurdle / NH Flat
3.55 Wincanton Commodore (FR) SAME-1.5fSAMESAME (Novices Hurdle)
3.55 Wincanton Daylami Kirk (IRE) SAME-4fSAMESAME (Novices Hurdle)
3.55 Wincanton Diablerets (FR) SAME-1.5f+6 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
3.55 Wincanton Inaminna (IRE) SAME-4f+6 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
3.55 Wincanton Jurby SAME-1.5fSAME-2 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
3.55 Wincanton Moving In Style (IRE) -1-6.5f-10 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
3.55 Wincanton Nuclear (IRE) SAME-1.5fSAME+6 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
3.55 Wincanton Robin De Broome (IRE) SAME-9.5fSAME+1 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
3.55 Wincanton Stand By Me (FR) SAMESAMESAME+6 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
3.55 Wincanton St Merryn (IRE) +1-4.5fSAME-12 lbsNovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
3.55 Wincanton Willie Mclovin SAME-3.5fSAMESAMENovices Hurdle / Mdn Hurdle
3.55 Wincanton Solstice Twilight SAME-4f+1 lbsSAME (Novices Hurdle)
3.55 Wincanton Grand Sancy (FR) SAME+2SAME-5 lbsNovices Hurdle / NH Flat

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