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You can create and save horse racing systems in the System Builder.

This is the help section for systems that have already been saved, go here for help saving a new system.

Please make sure your system names do not contain any special characters (apostrophes etc - there is also a note when saving). This can cause very odd behaviour - please remove any apostrophes etc from your system names and notes.

Systems you have saved in the V3 Builder are marked and there is an option to transfer storage of systems to v4.

  • Change View - The available view choices are Active / Not Active / Back Systems /Lay Systems. Clicking any of the views will reload the page and show only systems matching your choice. The categorisation section below is used to label each system.
  • Slot Confirmation - At the top right of the table you can see the number of systems you currently have saved plus the number your account type allows.
  • Download - click and transfer list of My Systems to CSV/XLS.
  • Slot Number - Each system has an allocated slot number, which is shown in the first column of the Saved Systems Management table.
  • System Name - The second column shows the currently saved system name for each slot, if you wish to change the name of your system then type over the existing entry and press the appropriate Update button.
  • Notes - The third column shows notes you have saved regarding each system. To update, click in the appropriate box, enter your notes and press the appropriate Update button.
  • Categorise - If you have a lot of saved systems it can be useful to bracket them for easier management and viewing. The fourth column in the Saved Systems Management table shows the current categorisation of each slot. If you wish to change, set the dropdowns to assign desired values and click the appropriate Update button.
  • Update - A blue update button is in the fifth column of the table, each update button shows the relevant slot number to ensure you click the right one! Each of the System Name, Notes and Categorise sections (detailed above) are amended using the Update button.
  • Recall - The third column from the right hand side is a Purple Recall button for each slot. Clicking this button will load the system data into the System Builder. You can then carry out analysis and check statistics, edit the data (any changes you make will need to be saved or they will not take effect), use it as a template for a new system or simply view the existing criteria.
  • Quals - The second last column is a link that will show you all current (Today + Tomorrow + 48hr Decs) qualifiers matching the criteria, for the corresponding system slot only
  • Delete - The last column is the option to completely remove the system from your My Systems Management area. Each row shows an appropriate red button with an X. Clicking will take you to a confirmation screen, if you do confirm then the system is deleted forever and can not be recovered so please be certain! The relevant slot will then become available for a new system.
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