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This is the help section for Big Race Trends that have already been saved, go here for help saving a new trend.

Please make sure your My Trend names do not contain any special characters (apostrophes etc - there is also a note when saving). This can cause very odd behaviour - please remove any apostrophes etc from your trend names and notes.

The below section lists helps for elements on the My Trends page and the info you will be shown for each -

  • Multi Delete - This can be useful to remove several trends at once, should you have a large number. Click the Multi Delete button and follow the on screen instructions, making sure to be careful as any trends you delete can not then be recovered.
  • CSV - Again useful if you have several saved My Trends. Click the black CSV button and a download of all My Trends will be transferred.
  • Name of Race - This is the Big Race Trend as assigned by HorseRaceBase (example Grand National).
  • Saved Trend Name - The name you gave your saved My Trend (example my GN trend)
  • Saved Trend Notes - When building your trend it can be useful to record some notes as to your thinking at the time. These are displayed here.
  • Date Saved - There are two sort options here (oldest/newest), which if clicked will order the presentation. The Date Saved is the last date you made an amendment to your My Trend
  • Manage - Clicking this button loads the appropriate My Trend into the System Builder for editing.
  • Delete - The last column is the option to completely remove the trend from your My Trends Management area. Each row shows an appropriate red button with an X. Clicking will take you to a confirmation screen, if you do confirm then the trend is deleted forever and can not be recovered so please be certain!

My Trends is effectively an extension of My Systems also using the System Builder, see the System Builder Help Menu for more help.

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